Johnny Bonano & DJ Coach 1 - Globalarity (Internationally Known)

Album from 1st Blood's Johnny Bonano, entirely produced by DJ Coach One, both reppin' OvaSeas Movement. DJ Coach One also a member of the Demonios Sekt 3rd Circle. Album available for download on I-Tunes, MP3.de, Mudicload, Napster & many more. Be sure to peep the tracks and purchase if you like. Real shit right here ..

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OvaSeas Movement

Demonios Sekt

İhtiram & Ohmhan - Akil Morgu EP


Fubar - Eye of the Storm (Oldies but Goodies) Vol. 1


These tracks were recorded from about 2001 and 2005. There are many more, so there will be a Vol. 2 released. This was the time when it was the most fun for me, since many of my friends were into making music, therefore, we would record together in person, get drunk and do our thing. Nowadays it's still fun for me but in a different way. I no longer have as many friends that are into making music or Hip Hop for that matter, therefore, I now have an over seas family in Demonios Sekt, Shark Brothers Label and the OvaSeas Movement. There are also a plethora of other MC's, DJ's and beatmakers that I collaborate with that are not part of those groups, but they are dope none the less. The main purpose of this release is for the promotion of Volcano Wakes Up! Vol. 1 which was released 9-1-2011. There were 2 projects that made me want to release this compilation. The 1st one was Kwervo's (aka Hellbound) compilation that Romain Undaground Vincent (aka DJ Rhum'1) released called "A Selection of Kwervo Joints." The 2nd was MFTC's (Music From The Corner) Archives Vol. 1. I listened to the tracks and even though they are dated, they are insanely dope. I feel the same way about MY old shit, so here we are. Hope you enjoy ..

Shout Outs:

Shout outs to DJ Rhum'1 (aka Romain Underground Vincent) for the cover. Be sure to check out his blog HERE. I also want to give a shout out to everyone involved in each of the tracks that are included on this compilation. Shout outs to everyone that downloaded this compilation and any of my other albums. Last one, SHOUT OUTS TO EVERYONE THAT STILL SUPPORTS HIP HOP .. PERIOD ..


Baby Jayne's Art Auction

My partner in rhyme Baby Jayne needs to reduce her inventory of art and make some cash. In the interest of doing both, she'll be putting up art for sale at a fraction of its original asking price. There will be pieces starting as low as a few dollars.

Shipping for any painting(s) 12"x12" or smaller or any bead sprite(s) is a flat $5. Shipping for any bead portrait(s) is a flat $25. Free local delivery.

To place a bid, simply comment on the link featuring the piece you would like to purchase. Scroll down on this page to view the artwork that is for sale.

Please spread the word about this event and her art page in general:



Filthy Tarantino - Death Sampler 2

Hazed Visions (ft. Chief Kamachi) [Beat by Soulseller Beats]

01. Intro [Beat by Soulseller Beats]
02. Fight Back (ft. Iron Menace & O-Beast) [Beat by Soulseller Beats]
03. Hazed Visions (ft. Chief Kamachi) [Beat by Soulseller Beats]
04. Filthyness [Beat by Blunted Sultan]
05. Dark Planet [Beat by C-Sektion]
06. Cut 'Em Up (ft. Iron Menace & O-Beast) [Beat by C-Sektion]
07. Let Me Go (ft. Laura G.) [Beat by Soulseller Beats]
08. Life’s a Bitch [Beat by Soulseller Beats]
09. Mad minds (ft. Iron Menace, The Jotaka, Katha) [Beat by Mir the Bloody]
10. Goin' Down (ft. Elbone) [Beat by Soulseller Beats]
11. Disturbed (ft. Natter MC) [Beat by EQ]
12. Blunted Thoughts [Beat by Blunted Sultan]
13. In My Veins (Remix) (ft. Fortunato, O-Beast) [Beat by Soulseller Beats]
14. Lyrical Massacre (ft. Swann) [Beat by Soulseller Beats]


The Jotaka & Onse - The Chaos Theory

And yet another installment of The Jotaka saga. This time teaming up with Onse for "The Chaos Theory". Ill beats, ill lyrics, ill product ..

01. Tearz (Prod. by Onse)
02. Broken Mindz (ft. Kogeemo, Lt Mana & Seraph Guard) [Prod. by Righteouz Knight] - Cuts by DJ Coach One
03. Souled Out (ft. Verb) [Prod. by Righteouz Knight] - Cuts by DJ Coach One
04. Revolution [Prod. by Jr. Makhno] - Cuts by DJ Coach One
05. Once Upon A Time (ft. Fake Flint) [Prod. by Righteouz Knight] - Cuts by DJ Coach One
06. Tormento [Prod. by Onse]
07. No Peace In Hell (ft. Zo & Explicito) [Prod. by Righteouz Knight]
08. Don’t Forget Me (Prod. by Troy K)
09. Tristes Almaz (Prod. by Righteouz Knight)
10. Chaos (Prod. by Appetizer)
11. Sabor A Dolor (Prod. by Onse)


RyPa - Sin Eater

Another album from RyPa. Enjoy ..

RyPa - The Haunted Parables

Album from new member of Demonios Sekt: RyPa. Crazy shit right here ..

Filthy Tarantino - Death Sampler 1

01. Call Me Filthy T [Beat by Soulseller Beats]
02. Army of Darkness (ft. Iron Menace, O-Beast) [Beat by Mir the Bloody]
03. Filth (ft. Larry Flint, Grime, Iron Menace, O-Beast) [Beat by Larry Flint]
04. End of Days (ft. Iron Menace, O-Beast) [Beat by Blunted Sultan]
05. Nobody Likes Me (Remix) (ft. Iron Menace) [Beat by Soulseller Beats]
06. No Minds Alike (ft. Sireal, Quince, Iron Menace) [Beat by Ill Literacy]
07. Sombrios Dias (ft. Explicito) [Beat by Existence Beatmaker]
08. In My Veins (ft. Fortunato) [Beat by Soulseller Beats]
09. Resos Perversos (ft. The Jotaka, Katha) [Beat by Kwervo]