Al'Tarba vs Lord Lhus - Acid & Vicious (2013)

01. No Hate
02. Keep On
03. Cursed & Wicker People Skit
04. 3 Amigos (ft. Dirty Dike & Jace Abstract)
05. Last Night (ft. La Féfile Good)
06. Colonize The Colonisers (ft. Babylon Warchild)
07. Story’s
08. Get Hight
09. Easy Take Easy (ft. Gavlyn)
10. Not A MC (ft. Jmega)
11. The Sadists (ft. Droogz Brigade)
12. Drugs Addicts (ft. Benihana Kenobi)
13. Suicide Note & Hell Gates Skit
15. Bragging Rights (ft. Milez Grimez, Words & Dirty Dickens)
16. Journey Into The Mind
17. Having Orgy’s (ft. Psl)
18. I Vermisse Di
19. Lonelylines
20. Monstermash

Cheyenne - Al'Monakh Pt. 2 (2013)

Soul Khan - Rusted Ghosts (VIDEO) (2013)

June Marx - Gargoyles (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Beat: June Marx
Album: Seven Trumpets Sound
Directed: Writeous Optics

Dr. Creep - The System (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (2013)

"The System

Featuring: Young Solow
Cutz: DJ TMB
Beat: tunnA Beatz
Directed: 3X!L3
Edited: Dr. Creep

Track from the new Dr. Creep album "I Am the Storm" set for release in 2013.. Album will be available as a digital mp3 download or physical CD.


One Man Army, Fubar, Lone Ninja, Sinister Stricken, Young Solow, Danegurous, Joey Baggs, 3rd Eye the Anomoly, JKrazy, Chemist, Mighty Kalipssus, DJ TMB, DJ Madhandz & DJ Vinoss.


Amos the Ancient Prophet, Junior Makhno, Blaq Masq, Analogue Wunda, Nakmuay, SpikeKillah, Apoka Undaground, Dr. Creep, 3X!L3, Adi Beatz, Kozak & tunnA Beatz.

Sikadelik - Sinistre (2013)


The Jotaka & Kwervo - The Path of Darkness (2013)

The Jotaka & Verb - New World Life (ft. Telep) [Beat by Pumpkinfoot] (Leak) (2013)

 Leak from upcoming album "Ufff Vol. 2" from The Jotaka & Verb representing Demonios Sekt all muafuggin' dia ..

Jasiri X - Rappers on X (2013)

Danegurous - Lloyd Christmas (Mir the Bloody Diss) (2013)

Killah Priest - The Psychic World of Walter Reed (FULL ALBUM SAMPLER) (2013)

Cleno Jovanni - In a Nutshell EP (2013)

The Sargonites - Black Flag [Beat by Kwervo] (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2013)

This is the official 1st single and video off the new album "Black Flag (The Sargon Chronicles)". The song reflects the voice of truth trying to be restrained from the people who have the capabilities to spread valuable information. The video becomes a metaphoric perspective equivalent to Harriet Tubman's Underground Railroad mission, but in attempt to free the people, The Sargonites are out to free minds.

Beat: Kwervo
Guitars: Patrick Dunn

June Marx - Revolver Redemption (Leak) (2013)

Swollen Members - Mercenary (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2013)

Wizard - On the Bench Mixtape (2013)


Insane Macbeth - Killer (ft. Jay Hero, Tony D & Ruffstylz) (Single)

Insane Macbeth - Can't, Couldn't, Could Never (Single)

Insane Macbeth - The Strongest Endz (ft. Reveal) (Single)

Kryptik - The Anthem (Single) (2013)

Beat: IllusivShadow
Cuts: DJ Twisted
Artwork: Kebo

Soul Khan - Iron Galaxy Freeverse (2013)

DJ Intrigue - Students of Shaolin 3 (2013)

Wu-Tang Management & Protect Ya Neck Records has released the long awaited volume 3 to the "Students of Shaolin" series. Hosted by DJ Intriuge who is a member of the Wu-Worldwide DJ Coalition. This mixtape is loaded with 28 tracks of pure heat. Featuring artists affiliated with the Wu-Tang brand as well as some new members & affiliates of PYN Records as well as original members of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan including Method Man & Cappadonna.

Knkuc - Dangerous Path (Digital Single) (2013)

Knkuc presents the new digital single "Dangerous Path"

Le Narrapeur, Ascian, Ruru, Shox, Katahanas (of Da Capo), The Jotaka, Verb & Antraz.

Beat: Empne
Cuts: Quamis
Mastering: Seek (of Psyrobots)
Artwork: Alexdraw
Pyramides Recordings (2013)

01. Dangerous Path
02. Dangerous Path (Instrumental)
03. Dangerous Path (Remix)
04. Dangerous Path (Remix) (Instrumental)

Prone - Why Would I Change (VIDEO)

Artist: Prone
Album: Dodging Traffic
Beat: DreamTek
Label: Seven Oddities Records

Abstract & Knowledge Medina - The Radio EP

C​.​Rae & The Clifftop Vandalz - Bloody Pages (2013)

Kwote1 - Street Survival (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

JLTV Presents Kwote1 Week 7 Of JLTV"S Hot 16's Video Series!! Shot and Edited by K-mind of Joint Logistics

The 6th Element - Legion of the Underground (ft. Various Artists) (Single) (2013)

Legion of the Underground (ft. Venomous, Formaldahyde, Mathz, Bleeding Heart Bliss, Bigg Limn, Ixion Form, Stress The Mind, Nohokai, Big O, Dr. Creep) - Cutz by DJ Coach 1

2Ugli - Break Yo' Self (ft. 2Mex & LoDeck) (VIDEO)

Dark Energy & Badprod Rikordz - Space Journey (2012)

Epidemic - Lock It Down [Beat by Crown of Grim Reaperz) (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Sikadelik - The Bad Guys (ft. Rip TheRippa & Pete Bull) (VIDEO)

Click on the photo below to download the entire album!

Młody Goh - Pajęczyna [Beat by Kozim]


Al'Tarba vs Lord Lhus - 3 Amigos (ft. Dirty Dike & Jace Abstract)

Cuts by DJ Nix'on
Cover by Shalik Banban
Upcoming album "Acid & Vicious" coming February 2013

Psycho Realm ‎– The Stone Garden CD (1997)

01. The Stone Garden (Album Version)
02. The Stone Garden (Pete Rock Remix)
03. The Stone Garden (Instrumental)
04. The Stone Garden (Pete Rock Remix) (Instrumental)
05. The Stone Garden (Radio Edit)
06. The Stone Garden (Pete Rock Remix) (Radio Edit)

DJ Low Cut – Sean Price Mix (2013)

Judah Priest - The Legend of Sleepy Hallow (2013)

Swollen Members - King of Diamonds (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

The brand new music video from Swollen Members from the new album "Beautiful Death Machine" out on March 19, 2013.

Directed by: Big Shot Music Inc.
Produced by: Rob The Viking

DJ Element - Reality Kings & Reason EP (2013)


Perfect K & Zieke Sounds - Lost Soul EP (2013)

01. Intro
02. Lost Soul
03. Asfixia
04. Damned
05. On The Mic
06. Drip
07. Quicksand

Tesla's Ghost & Sinister Stricken - The Coming of Doomsday

Taken from Tesla's Ghost debut mixtape "Chainz of Phantasia" which will be out by the end of February Cutz by Evil Ed

Nuttkase - Slavery EP (2013)

Ill Bill - Exploding Octopus (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (2013)

Knife Star & Genocide - Red Fields EP (2013)

Kozak – Shadows Of Jazzy Souls (2013)

Sadistik & CunninLynguists - Kill The King (2013)

Stygmat - Surowa Skała (OFFICIAL VIDEO) - Cutz by DJ Wash