Super 8 - Torment (Single) (2013)

Dr. Creep - They Kill (2013)

01. The Live & Die (Intro)
02. They Kill
03. The Dead Zone
04. Explosion (Remix)
05. Power of the Temple
06. They Arrived
07. The Secret Reality
08. Rebellious Youth
09. Southwest Corruption (ft. Young Solow & 3rd Eye the Anomaly)
10. Dark Clouds Gather
11. Fallout Weaponry (Remix)
12. Hunted Circles (Remix)
13. Old Methods (ft. One Man Army, Sinister Stricken, Lone Ninja) - Cuts by DJ Vinoss

Onse & Sikadelik - Men of Shadows (2013)


"Book of Life"

01. Intro [Beat by Onse] - Cutz by DJ Coach 1
02. Our Way [Beat by Onse]
03. Sadness (ft. Lethal P, Sev & Dark Chamberz) [Beat by Nyktophobia] - Cutz by Coach 1
04. Devorés par les Ombres (ft. Perfect K & SebLeChien) [Beat by The Soul Beat Assassinator]
05. Starving of Hunger (ft. Traffimatics) [Beat by Onse]
06. The World We Live In (ft. Verb) [Beat by Righteouz Knight]
07. Cold of the Storm (ft. Traffimatics & Rip TheRippa) [Beat by Imperial Skillz Empera] - Cutz by DJ Coach 1
08. Hommes de L’ombre Esprits de Lumière (ft. The Jotaka & Rob Rod) [Beat by Jr. Makhno]
09. Timeless (ft. Fubar, Zo & Raw Profit) [Beat by Righteouz Knight] - Cutz by DJ Coach 1
10. Alone in the dark (ft. El Inkisidor de la Hherejia) [Beat by 2Deep]
11. Esprits de combattants (ft. Supreme The Truth & Repthum) [Beat by Daemon]
12. On The Rise (ft. Torner & Life of Evil People) [Beat by Kwervo)
13. La family (ft. Tee Ohw, Sev, Perfect K, Ath & Maxi Kagemusha) [Beat by Nemesis]
14. Book Of Life (ft. Fubar) [Beat by Amos The Ancient Prophet] - Cutz by DJ Coach 1
15. I Promise (ft. Sev & Lethal P) [Beat by Onse]
16. Time for destruction (ft. Dropé & Childish) [Beat by Jr. Makhno]
17. Never Ending Sufferance (ft. The Jotaka) [Beat by Daemon] - Cutz by DJ Coach 1
18. Partir (ft. Hemera) [Beat by Onse]

Grayskul - Come On (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2013)

Clifftop Vandalz - Wreck Tha Mic (ft. Profane, Sin & Strife of the Hidden Sound) - Cutz by TMB

Zagnif Nori - Grandeur EP (2013)

Dr. Creep - Biohazard [Beat by Blaq Masq] (VIDEO) (2013)

Fallen Angels (Venom & Majesty) - March of the Creeps (Single) (2013)

Morf - Dark Souls (2013)

"Dark Souls"



01. Demonios (Intro) – Cutz by DJ Coach 1
02. No Love (ft. SAI & Life of Evil People)
03. Seven Sins (ft. Onse)
04. Pentagrams (ft. Katha, Childish, Cairo, Verb, Fubar, The Jotaka)
05. Stigmata( at. Childish, The God of Skillz Magick & Donnalbain)
06. Illousions (ft. Lord Invasive, Jollyklown, Inverted Crucifixuz, Cyber Hydro Akhuma, Verb, Fubar, Mad Paranohsh & The Jotaka)
07. Hope (ft. Blasted Flow & Onse)
08. Dark Souls (ft. Hemera, Derote, Fubar, Imperial Serial Killah, Katha & The Jotaka)
09. No Major (ft. Childish, Blasted Flow & The Jotaka)
10. Booomm (ft. The Jotaka)
11. Dark Souls (Outro) – Cutz by DJ Coach 1

Destro Destructo - Day of the Dead (2013)

Soulslicers - Slice of Life (2013)

Swiss production crew Soulslicers has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners their latest street release, Slice of Life.

The follow-up to 2011 debut Boost da Soul, the project comprises 18 original records including standout selection "Past Doubt." Produced entirely by the Soulslicers, the set boasts mic work from Absouljah, A-One, The Aztext, Crookz Green, Dre Goose, El Lay, El Toro, Emilio Tirado, E.M.S. (Desco, Kore, Mayhem, M-Dot & Revalation), GQ NP, Jaysaun, Kaymerda, King Magnetic, N.B.S., Quite Nyce, Skeezo, Sparkingtin and Tribeca. DJ Family Tyz, DJ LP2 and DJ Revolution assist behind the wheels of steel.

Danegurous - Raw Wit' It [Beat by Vherbal] (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2013)


RedJSD Films: Sludge Brothers - "The Murder Industry" (Trailer)

Issuez7 & Waatu - Agent Provocateur (2013)

Fubar - Axe of Nature (ft. Childish) [Beat by DJ Rhum'1] (Single) (2013)

1st single from upcoming project "Fubar & DJ Rhum'1 - Wrath of the Fallen" coming soon. Track features Childish.

June Marx - Immaculate Craft (2013)

Childish - Light From One [Beat by Mono A] (Single) (2013)

Labal-S & GenOcyD - Divine Science of Light in Sound (2013)

M.O.D. - Individual Flavor (2013)

Perfect K - Un Jour Sur Terre (2013)


Fubar's Blog Presents: Look What I Found! (Compilation) (2013)

01. Ganjre The Giant - HYPER-ventilate [Beat by Anno Domini]
02. Life Scientist - Game of Thrones [Beat by Scientific]
03. Alpha Sigma - Amateur Slaughterer
04. General X - Creed of Punishment (ft. RyPa) [Beat by B 3 N B i]
05. Verb - Braveman [Beat by MHandBack]
06. Built For This (ft. Method Man, Freddie Gibbs & Street Life [Beat by DJ Rhum'1]
07. Edd Bundy - Merry Fucking Christmas
08. Absoulut Karnage - Falling Down [Beat by 4th Assassin]
09. Fubar - Wild for the Night (Free-Verse)
10. J Krazy - The Evil That Dwells (ft. Verb & Dr. Creep) [Beat by DJ Joon]
11. Lord Lhus - Fuck Babygrande
12. Block McCloud - True Lies (ft. Vinnie Paz & Hasan Salaam)
13. Verb - Final Strike (ft. Chino XL) [Beat by Kwervo]
14. Reservoir Dogs (ft. Faez One, Pryme Prolifik, Absoulut Karnage, Big O, Tha Soloist & INF) [Beat by 4th Assassin] - Cutz by DJ Madhandz
15. General X - Cut Throats III (ft. Pauly Styles) [Beat by B 3 N B i]
16. Absoulut Karnage - Kookin' wit' Karnage [Beat by 4th Assassin]
17. Childish - 100 x 100 [Beat by Scotty Soul]
18. Apostolus - Armageddon [Beat by Artifact]

Compilation of various artists which includes remixes, unreleased tracks, and soon to be released tracks. If you like the music please support the artists by downloading their albums whether free or not. Most songs download from SoundCloud pages.

Fade2Dead - Horrortech Mixtape Vol. 2 (2013)

Fubar - Wild for the Night (Free-verse) (2013)

Free-verse from Fubar. Download the mp3 for free as well as the acapella .. now EVERYONE can feature Fubar on a track!


.. born with the gift of gab
hit you with punches and I ain't even lift to jab
taking you back, I'm the "Ghost of Christmas Past"
ready to change your ways after I whip that ass
I do whatever it takes, I possess the rare skill
to drink pee in order to survive like Bear Grylls
acting like you're tough don't count
I'll run in your house with muddy shoes yelling "fuck yo' couch!"
fuck tittie size, slut give me mine
horse from the waist down like I'm Buck 65
I am here to inject
put a wooden spear in your chest or the rear of your head
larger than life, I'm Galactus in the flesh
there is no escape from the madness I inject
insane amount of bars that I crafted are the best
you'll be lucky to even get a casket when you're dead

** beat is 88.9 BPM

Tenchoo - Drops (Don't Flop) (2013)

Woodstock Hip-Hop Show (2013)

Cig Burna vs ABCDE (Battle)

What are your thoughts on the written / acapella battle scene? Have you (or would you) partake?

Answer: Well.. I am from an era of freestyle battles, strictly off the top of the dome - no written battles. But I appreciate the new age evolving to more intelligent talented writing methods. That's what I love the most about the battle scene now. It is guaranteed to be exciting filled with punchlines, schemes, multis, delivery depending on the type of MC you are watching, unless they forget their bars which shouldn't happen since you have a month or so to write and memorize. I honestly think it is great and it shows how technology never ends. I definitely see it going farther than just YouTube though. In due time, I can definitely see it being a global weekly deal on television either as a T.V. show or a potential series. I have partook in the new age battle scene quite a bit. I have over 500,000 views in rap battles on YouTube. I have battled on Grindtime, AHAT Vegas, AHAT Utah, and TBL (Texas Battle League). I am by far a music artist first before a battle rapper but I strategically use it a stool to bigger and brighter heights such as opportunities and keys to open more doors for future endeavors.


ILLtemper - loveSick [Beat by Farmaco The Tali-Dom] (Single)

Beatsmith Resist - Philthy Phalangez (2012)

Jak Progresso - The Witching Hour (October Sessions) (2012)

Jak Tripper - Roger Corman (2013)

Jak Tripper - Heatrock Hellfire Spitter Pt. 2 (2013)

Jak Tripper - The New Acid Test EP (2012)

DJ TMB - The Machine (2013)

01. Fist Fuckin' The Industry (ft. Bulzi & Methadist) [Beat by Swann]
02. Blue Fathers (ft. Powder, Mark Deez & Edd Bundy) [Beat by MoTioN]
03. Freestyle with Hedds (ft. Lateb, Slant, Rhetoric) [Beat by Trilian]
04. Make it Hot (ft. Robbie G) [Beat by Swann]
05. Styles Unlimited (ft. Nohokai, La Dog & I Amae)
06. Special Children (ft. Lex Starwind, Aztech & Jon Murdock) [Beat by Trilian]
07. Famine (ft. Swann & Anubis) [Beat by Swann]
08. Showdown (ft. Grindhouse Gang)
09. On the Surface (ft. Sick Since, Omen Ra, DC the Truth & Dox Boogie) [Beat by Trilian]
10. BodyBag Rap (ft. Anonamix & Donnie Menace) [Beat by Keko]
11. Backlash of the Titans (ft. Edd Bundy, TMB, Terror Mob, Preest & Klirx) [Beat by Edd Bundy]
12. Fuck You (ft. Swann) [Beat by Sicknature]
13. Dead Silence (ft. RipShop) [Beat by Trilian]
14. Darkest Shadow (ft. Edd Bundy) [Beat by MoTioN]
15. International Notes (ft. Ghost Town Syndicate) [Beat by Trilian]

** all tracks feature cuts from TMB

Ugly Heroes - Hero's Theme (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2013)


Childish - The Ballad of Darth Vader [Beat by Habeas Corpus] (MUSIC VIDEO) (2013)

Dismembers of Parliament (Edd Bundy & MoTioN) - Pre-Dismemberment (2013)

Dismembers of Parliament is an emcee/producer connection between Edd Bundy & MoTioN. This is the 1st released project for free download entitled "Pre-Dismemberment" which is a collection of released/unreleased/old and new tracks put together by the artists involved. All tracks entirely produced by Edd Bundy & MoTioN other than "Darkest Shadow (Remix)" which features cuts from DJ TMB and "Shake Up" which features guest verses from Menace O.B.E.Z, Rez The Silverback, Supreme The Truth, R.L & Just-1.