Abyss - Fire Bath (ft. Plots & Shalom) [Beat by Silly Grinn] - Cuts by DJ Slipwax (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2014)

Danegurous - True Story (ft. TRiLL & DJ Trickalome) (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2014)

Lethal P & Lethal Beatz - Los Enviados De Elohim (2014)

Onse - Cherchant la Lumière (2014)

The New Terrah (Mark Deez, Edd Bundy, Tha Soloist, DJ TMB) - Holy War [Beat by Domingo] (Single) (2014)

2032 - Ghosts (ft. Sadida & Fubar) [Beat by Edd Bundy] (Single) (2014)

Edison Ave - Apocalypse Now (Damien Page Training Grounds Contest Entry) (2014)

Sien Fuegos - Mechanical Waves (2014)

Sien Fuegos - Fulgor Infinito (2014)

Loose Logic - Eye Sore (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2014)

Optext - The Unknown EP (2014)


Ill of Writes - Blue Van Music (COMING SOON) (2014)

Release Date: 9-1-2014

Ill of Writes.. formerly known as Hood Kings (Edd Bundy & Samuel Tafari). In the constant search for originality, the decision to change the name has been made.

The album "Blue Van Music" features production from Jake One and cuts from DJ TMB. The 1st single titled "Money" has been released in promotion for the new album.

Ill of Writes.. back in rare form immediately after the release of "Full Metal Alchamists 2" released recently under the moniker of "Hood Kings" which is available for FREE DOWNLOAD.


2032 - Boom (ft. Sleep Lyrical) (Single) (2014)

Interview: Jus Ra (2014)

Enter Jus Ra !!!

01. For those who aren't familiar with you, tell us a little about yourself. Are you part of any crews?

Answer: My name Is Jus Ra I’m a emcee out of Flint Michigan, I’ve been grinding on my city’s music scene for about 8 years now I’ve done it all from sit with major labels such as Aftermath and Universal to open shows for established platinum selling artist like Chamillionaire, Young Buck and Freeway. Along with being a Solo Artist I’m a part of an online supergroup The Fraternity and I’ve been working with that circle of artists for about a year.

02. Which artists influenced you in the past? Which artists influence you now?

Answer: When I first started to record my main influences were Canibus, Redman, Eminem and Big Pun because in the beginning all I wanted was to be “Lyrical” but as I got more experienced I started to pay attention to techniques that Jay Z used in song writing and Incorporated that heavily regarding things like content and balance. Nowadays I’d say my biggest Influences are Lupe Fiasco and Pharoah Monch they are two of the creative artist out right now and I really do strive to be creative in everything I do as far as my sound.

03. What would you say separates you from other artists?

Answer: My voice! It’s what sets me apart from the guy rapping next to me, it makes people pay attention, I guess they don’t expect me to have such a high pitch lol, besides the voice it’s the flow I think, I’ve taken little things from my personal list of great and incorporated them into my style just with my twist added to it.

04. Why do you make music? What is your ultimate goal?

Answer: In the beginning I think I just wanted to be in that “who’s the nicest” conversation but now I do it as a means to speak out on certain things be it from a place of social awareness or just pure entertainment. My ultimate goal is just to contribute a widely recognized and acclaimed to Hip Hop culture, I just need the one please and thank you.

05. Who have you worked with in the past and who would you like to work with in the future?

Answer: In the past I’ve got work in with a lot of the local talent in my city namely artist like the songstress Shava Jay, production genius A.P and Battle Rap’s newest Star Anubis; I’ve also put in a lot of work with the Fraternity over the last year. Future artists I’d like to work with are Exile, Slaughterhouse and Lupe Fiasco to name a few.

06. Which albums have you released to date and which are currently in the works?

Answer: I recently just put out my album called Blood Sacrifice it’s on sale on my bandcamp page along with a few free album I’ve released in the last 2 years so right now there are 4 albums on there overall I’m on my 8th joint in like 4 years I’m working out here lol. In terms of right now I’m currently putting the finishing touches on a Ep I got coming out with a producer that goes by The Gonz he’s also in Fraternity and the Ep is going to be called Unclassified, beside the new music I got coming later this year I’m also going to be putting out videos for Blood Sacrifice the first visual piece is almost wrapped it’s going to be a song off the album called Dead God produced by another Fraternity member named Dope Antelope so y’all be on the lookout for that.

*** Interview conducted by Fubar ..



Father Focus Confucius - Stay Gold (ft. Guilty Flavor) (Single) (2014)

Army of Darkness - The Lost Book of The Dead (2014)

Evil Horde (ft. Dr. Creep, Historian Himself, Eskr-One, Rated R, Casacas, Swann, Thorazine & Lone Ninja) [Beat by Blaq Masq] - Cuts by DJ Madhandz (Single) (2014)

Dr. Creep - Annihilation & Transformation (Album Trailer) (2014)

Lego - Get Gone (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2014)

ILLtemper & Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha - Stories from the Underground (2014)

Rukus - Horrorcore Handbook (2013)

The Trashman - Cursed Earth (2014)

Rukus - Dr. Butcher (2014)

Hex - Exhumed From The Tomb (2014)

T.U.V. (The Underground Vault) - Danegurous (Interview) (2014)

Danegurous - Emcee Wizardry (ft. DJ Trickalome) (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2014)