Subcon & Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha - The Headcase EP (2022)


 Colorado based MC Subcon delivers an introspective and deep look with the new project 'The Headcase EP' with beats from Dutch producer Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha. The beats go hand in hand with the vibe that Subcon sets and delivers a perfect canvas for the MC to deliver his deep poetry.

All lyrics written, performed and recorded by Subcon
All beats produced by Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha
Mixed and mastered by Subcon Artwork by Subcon


Coast - #75HARD (2022)


Rebel Agnostic - Rev is Dead (2022)

The Jotaka Perverse - Fuertes de Corazon y Mente Vol. 1 (2022)

Dedicated to my Bloodbrother The Jotaka Perverse 6 years ago suffer his hard accident put him on bed, with a daily fight with his mind and body. Together in this phat with the family Mother ( Maricela) Sister (Denisse) Son (Aslan) Nephews (Ari and Jose) and brothers (Favio) aka Explizito, Kwervo and Brown Lucci Those who have always been aware of his health.. And great support and vibes from music family, fans from all around the world.. Long live to the Master The Jotaka Perverse... Show your love and if you can support the new music im working (Explizito)


Produced and Arranged by Explizito
Featuring: Aslan Hareem (Jotaka's Son), Katha, VonPoe, B Dvine, Hemera, Onse, Sr. Amargo aka Rhytmund Freud, Tvmor, Sad C, Louie Sad, Caniz, Kaedez

Donny G x Scott Bluntz - State of Panic (2022)

This album is dedicated to Scott Brower 1979-2022.

Produced, mixed and mastered by
Donny G at Malt Studios 2021-2022.

Additional vocals by L.E.O, Kabal and Illtemper

Cover art and layout by Donny G. Vinyl label art by Kabal.

Malt Productions 2022.


HiddenRoad - New Power Rising (ft. Billy Boi, Fubar, Dirty Joe, M-Acculate, Duality & Neaality Gandhi) (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2022)

Track from Hidden Underground 4, released 08-20-2022
Available direct from HRS Website
Other Streaming Services HERE

After vol. 3 in 2020, we decided that would be the end of the Hidden Underground series. And so it came to be that it was.. for a year. 2021 saw plenty of dope music from HRS, but no follow up to vol. 3... as it was meant to be the end of the story..

but it wasn't..

and now Hidden Underground is back, and this time, there's a New Power Rising

Written & Performed by Billy Boi, Fubar, Dirty Joe, M-Acculate, Duality & Neaality Gandhi
Produced by Bofaat
Mixed & Mastered by MatrixAudio
HRSUnderground, LLC 2022

Onse TSW & Kalki - Calme Comme L'eau (2022)

Coast - Muse [Beat by Hi-Q] (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2022)

Marcanum X - Against All Odds (Single) (2022)

"Against All Odds" is a song I made for the Tech N9ne contest. This is a remixed version of the original song produced by me. The original song was a Top-10 contender in Tech N9ne's contest back in April! Now you can add the song to your collection today! Enjoy!

Read the full lyrics HERE

Written, Performed, Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Marcanum X

DJ Rhum'1 - Demo Beats (2022)

June Marx - Shadows Die Twice (Single) (2022)

Written & Produced by June Marx
Recorded in Southeast Asia 2022
Contact: junemarxproducts@gmail.com


Fubar & Edd Bundy - Shark vs Cake (2022)

All Beats by Edd Bundy
Album Cover by Edd Bundy
Mixed & Arranged by Fubar


Nico The Beast - H​.​O​.​M​.​E. (How One Man Existed) (2022)

13 years in the making, H.O.M.E. is a traversal through the soundscape of Nico's mind...his existence. Vivid stories, deep lyricism, and a heavy dose of beautiful melodies shape this experience for a listener's pleasure.

Tracks 1 thru 14 mixed and mastered by Rhythm J.
Tracks 15,17, and 18 Mixed by Scott Stallone
Track 16 Mixed by Cenobite Productions

Christy "Mrs. Beast" aka "I'm Sawry" Zarrella appears courtesy of herself

Voice Messages from Michael "Noochman" Zarrella and Jeanette Zarrella

Features from Rec Raw, Mel Alston Jr., Shell Boog, Satori Jayne and Toke Jones

Satori Jayne writer of hook for track 18 (Suicide Note)

Toke Jones writer of hooks for tracks 9 (H.O.M.E.) and 12 (The Trap)

Artwork By Leonardo Rizzo, Domenic "Nico The Beast" Zarrella, and Jackie "No Ordinary Graphix" DiNicola

Dedicated In Memory of Daniel Lamana who passed away on November 16th, 2021. A reminder of all those we have lost along the way. God rest their souls. I pray they made it H.O.M.E.

P-Ro - Chump Change Vol. 2 (Swear Jar) (2022)

P-Ro X CLOAQXDAGGER - Broken Record (2022)

Knuckle Dragguz present the follow-up to the 2021 Broken Swagger LP, "this time a Broken Record with soulful chapters"- by P-Ro, fully produced by the master-duo CLOAQXDAGGER. Featuring M.A.V, G Fam Black, Aztech, GeneralBackPain, ethemadassassin, CM aka Creative, Slant Heddshotts, Oblivious, Judge the Disciple, and 8ch2owens.

There is a limited special edition CD (only 25) available if you email prowanart@gmail.com the package includes a hand-painted/numbered/signed piece of a broken record (all 1-of-a-kind), laminated art prints, and stickers by P-Ro.

IG @prowanart

Twitter @P_RoUnstable


All songs produced by CLOAQXDAGGER
Mixed and mastered by Mathias
Artwork by P-Ro

P-Ro - Chump Change (2022)

6 brand new songs with a lot of heart, pain, and fun, this is a substantial 15 minute listen. Conceived and finished in just 10 days, the Knuckle Dragguz are showing no signs of slowing down in 2022!

All songs mixed & mastered by UglyJon
Artwork by P-Ro
Producers: UglyJon, Relentless, BoFaat, Crack Sizzlack, Mello Dee, Tali Rodriguez

Apollo Brown & Philmore Greene - Cost of Living (2022)

What are the consequences of living in this fucked up world? Within the first few seconds of their collaborative album, Cost of Living, rapper Philmore Greene and producer Apollo Brown articulate this question with unequivocal clarity. It’s an inquiry that looms at the core of their elegiac and existential soundtrack to modern inner city life. How can one escape the systemic traps that have ensnared generations since time immemorial? What does it mean to make the right choices? And if you emerge from the chaos to live a beautiful life, how do you overcome the survivor’s guilt and lingering trauma?

Cost of Living is an album full of authenticity that can’t be faked. These are songs that betray the scar tissue. Contemplative fire. Verité films of the westside of Chicago. It’s this noirish part of town that nourished Greene and gave him nightmares. The place where he saw his first dead body in his early teens, where he lost his brother to the street violence only a few years later, and where he turned to the pad, pen and microphone as a refuge and way to share his hard-fought wisdom.

The themes are nothing less than life and death. A lifestyle of endemic poverty, opportunities denied and dreams deferred. With a roll of the dice you can receive death, prison, or a path out. As the scratched vocals of Common echo on the hook to “Steep Life:” “rappers and hoopers, we strive to be like.” Greene is all too aware of reality. Like the former Common Sense before him, he has created a canon of morals and integrity that eschews sanctimony. The testimony of someone who has seen dope runners and villains, broken passions and cold-blooded betrayals, the consequences that can befall you in the concrete jungle if you’re not careful (or even if you are).

Behind the boards, Apollo Brown creates a cinematic backdrop of tense, moody strings and hand-of-god drums. A reminder of why he’s already become a rightful heir to the throne of Pete Rock, J Dilla, and DJ Premier. As Pitchfork recently raved, the Detroit's producer’s “fidelity for the grime and grit of rap’s second Golden Age goes beyond simply trying to recreate DJ Premier beats. Flourishes across his instrumental projects and over a dozen collaborative albums unearth the passion he puts into his art.”

Philmore Greene is an ideal match for Brown’s sumptuous canvasses, an MC who the Chicago Reader has hailed for making “confident, luxuriant boom-bap.” But it’s his ability to convey complex emotions, empathetic street narratives, and heartbreaking pathos that make him singular. Consider the sharp detail of his words on “Welcome to the Ave,” where he namechecks the dice games, “all my n**’s grinding in the same clothes as yesterday,” the robberies and larcenies, the street pharmacies, the “question marks where the fathers be.”

On the Evidence-assisted lead single “Paradise,” Green unspools his gift for classic rap storytelling, comparing Chicago to Pakistan, noting the sex workers, church bells, and constant paranoia. He cites the hypocrisy of a world where you can get 40 years for drug trafficking and be out in three for murder.

The centerpiece might be “This is Me,” where Greene details his own personal struggles and psychological turmoil. The murder witnessed at age 14 that sent him to therapists and shrinks, “fighting a battle inside of my mind.” You can almost hear the lurking footsteps inside his skull, as he worries about being watched and followed by the killer. He takes you back to being a teenager, wondering if he’d make it to 25. You flash forward a decade later, and Greene wakes up on his 25th birthday, crying tears of gratitude for the fact that he’s still breathing.

The cost of living may be high, but Greene and Brown allow you to understand that it is not insurmountable. There are too many losses and not enough gains, but as long as there remains a belief in something deeper and the possibility of something better, hope remains alive. This is soul music in the deepest sense, not as an aesthetic but as a physical place, where heart, philosophy, and the spirit reside. This is something for the ages, a work of tragic timelessness. After all, these issues have been here before us, and they’ll be here long after us. 

Vocals by Philmore Greene
Produced by Apollo Brown

mixed by Magnetic @ The Disc
mastered by Joe Hutchinson

Cover art by Cocu Liu

Campaign Photography by Jenny Risher
Graphic Design by Austin Hart

Executive Produced by Erik Stephens & Michael Tolle

Sounds Beautiful Like The Truth
Mello Music Group, 2022

Emerg Da MC & Bizi Beats - Legends (ft. Donny G) (Single) (2022)

The first single from the up and coming tape with Emerg Da MC and Bizi Beats. This dope track features the amazing Donny G who further ignites this beat with his lyrical mastery.

Cover art designed by Donny G

Lyrics by Emerg Da MC and Donny G
Produced by Bizi Beats


GANJre The Giant - The Judgement Scene EP (2022)

Novatore - Living in the End Times (2022)

1. Outlaws of Outer Space
(L.Cisneroz, C. Lanciani)
Louis Cisneroz (ASCAP) / C.Lanciani (BMI)
Prod. By C-Lance

2. Road Warriors ft. King Magnetic
(L.Cisneroz, J. Gorton, J. Faust)
Louis Cisneroz (ASCAP) / Johnny Slash Publishing (ASCAP) / King Magnetic Pub. Designee
Prod. By Johnny Slash, Cuts by Tone Spliff

3. Audio Assault ft. Welles Maddingly
(L.Cisneroz, C.Lanciani, D. Eaker)
Louis Cisneroz (ASCAP) / C.Lanciani (BMI) / Welles Maddingly Pub. Designee
Prod. By C-Lance

4. The Time Has Come ft. Nightwalker and A.M. Early Morning
(L.Cisneroz, J. Gorton, A. Anderson, A. Slaughter)
Louis Cisneroz (ASCAP) / Johnny Slash Publishing (ASCAP) / Writers Never Die (ASCAP) / AM Early Morning (ASCAP)
Prod. By Johnny Slash

5. Terry Funk Syndrome
(L.Cisneroz, C. Lanciani)
Louis Cisneroz (ASCAP) / C.Lanciani (BMI)
Prod. By C-Lance

6. End Times Intermission
(S. Hudgins)
Louis Cisneroz (ASCAP) / S. Hudgins (ASCAP)
Prod. By Young Bangas

7. The Time Has Come ft. ILL ZaKiel and Benny Holiday
(L.Cisneroz, C.Lanciani, R. Zadkiel, D. Thistlewaite)
Louis Cisneroz (ASCAP) / C.Lanciani (BMI) / The ILL 1 (ASCAP) / D. Thistlewaite (SOCAN) / Benny Holiday Pub. Designee
Prod. By C-Lance, Cuts by D-Rec

8. Mass Panic
(L.Cisneroz, J. Gorton)
Louis Cisneroz (ASCAP) / Johnny Slash Publishing (ASCAP) / Tom Rapka Pub. Designee
Written for T3 Comics
Prod. By Johnny Slash

9. Wasteland ft. OutcastGawd Lord El
(L.Cisneroz, C. Lanciani, L. Knobleknock, D. Glennie)
Louis Cisneroz (ASCAP) / C.Lanciani (BMI) / CASTGAWD LLC Pub. Designee / Denno Pub. Designee
Prod. By C-Lance, Cuts by Denno

10. Class Act
(L.Cisneroz, J. Gorton)
Louis Cisneroz (ASCAP) / Johnny Slash Publishing (ASCAP)
Prod. By Johnny Slash

Vocals Recorded at Soundscape Studios
Mixed by Jeff Arenson and Doc Damindbenda
Executive produced by Novatore
Artwork and layout by Vinzo
Mass Panic made for T3 Comics