Fubar (aka Sharp Tongue) wrote his 1st verse in 1997. Since, he has put out project after project. He has collaborated with some of the best artists in underground Hip Hop. His discography is extensive and shows no signs of stopping.

His material can be offensive at times. He is known to write as a form of stress relief which breeds violent subject matter at times, yet he is versatile enough to make tracks about growing up impoverished, politics, the state of Hip Hop, middle-class malaise and a job he loathes... often all on the same album.

He is a member of Demonios Sekt (2nd Circle), member of the OvaSeas Movement (USA Chapter), member of the Shark Brothers Label & 1/2 of the duo known as 2-fer along with Baby Jayne.

If you don't like his music, it is simple what you must do. Go to the nearest gas station bathroom after it has been used and … EAT FECES ..

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