Kachin - The Essential Vol. 2 (2007 - 2012)

01. Da Perverse (ft. The Jotaka)
02. A New Light (ft. Life Scientist, Verb, Fubar) - Cutz by DJ Joon
03. Stup 4 MC's (ft. Life Scientist, Zonah, Scoti Styles, Maxi K) - Cutz by DJ Twisted
04. The Breakthrough (ft. Illso, The Fact)
05. Montmartre (ft. Sai)
06. A Verdade (ft. Visel MC)
07. Demonika Life (ft. Verb, The Jotaka)
08. Bohemian Life (ft. Kachin, SAI)
09. Forest of Shadows (ft. Det the Bomb, Life Scientist)
10. Shaolin Sekta (ft. Fubar, La Dog) - Cutz by DJ Joon
11. Brêves de Rues (ft. KF, Ol'ko, Kachin)
12. Riverside Drive (ft. Scoti Styles)
13. 10 Paces (ft. Shogun of Dark)


Esko El Lobo - Dans Les Abysses

01. Du Plomb Dans Les Ailes
02. Esko El Lobo and Adamo #1
03. Rature Ineffaçable
04. Esko El Lobo and Adamo #2
05. A LA Vie A La Muerte [Prod. by Kozak]
06. Dans Les Abysses feat BTK & LK [Prod. by El Lobo]
07. Pris Pour Cible
08. Rimes Noires
09. Dans Mes Pensées (Bonus)
10. Les Dessous Du Système (Bonus)


WAEH - 3 Albums !!!!


DC the Truth & Omen Ra - A Hell of a Place

Omen Ra and DC's long awaited EP! They went to hell and back on this one! Sit back and let 'em take you on a journey consisting of all things evil... MAKE SURE YOU PEEP THIS SHIT! Straight Bangin! All the way through... guaranteed.

DC the Truth - The Forgotten Son

The Forgotten Son is a collection of songs from 2009 and 2010. DC takes you on a journey through his mind and life. Often dark he paints pictures over a landscape of hard beats. Follow DC and take a trip through the mind of a maniac.

40oz Kings - The EP

Beatljuice - Arround the World