RyPa - Terminus (2012)


Blis Nemesis - Hell-Hop (2012)

Seven Oddities Records - Out For Blood Vol. 2 (2012)


Gamblez, Skull Bludgeon, Frantik – Changing of the Guard (2012)

Hemzone Da Blogger Vol. 12

01. SAI - Carrera de Ratones
02. MacGaren, Antraz & Dark Blade - Ronin Monks Brasil
03. Dark Energy - Assassins (ft. Life Scientist)
04. Koogemo - Back in the Day
05. Society of Invisibles - Get up, Stand Up 2
06. Biggie - Crack Sale Manual (Remix)
07. Big Pun - Cubierta Profunda [Beat by Ebano]
08. Jus Allah - The Destroyer of Worlds
09. Nomad - Rap Life
10. Lenguarmada - La Realidad es Brutal
11. Tragedy Ominous - Soul Rotation (ft. Kemize)
12. Atma, Decipher 73i & Jah Niggah da Baptist - The Holy Science
13. Dark Energy - All of the.. [Beat by Nakmuay]
14. El Alfarero - La, La, La
15. Bliss & Graveyard Shifter - Fidora Fotog
16. Thirstin Howl III (ft. Meyhem & Spitgemz) - Skilluminati
17. Dark Energy - Hazardous Orbs (ft. Fact, Animal Cracker, Seven, Iguan, Maxi K & SAI)
18. Wu-Tang Clan - And You Don't Stop (ft. Streetlife)

Evil Intentions - Evil Intentions (2012)

Available for FREE DOWNLOAD but only for today!! After today you can purchase the album by clicking on the "I-Tunes" download link below ..

Album Sampler

Ground Breakers (ft. Diabolic & Bekay) [Beat by Grim Reaperz]

Dump a Body (ft. Celph Titled & Diabolic) [Beat by C-Lance]



Hood Kings (Free Download Releases)

Arcane - Arcane (2010)

01. Back On My Block
02. Daydreamin'
03. Sometimes
04. Peruvian Flake (Click for Video!)
05. Buy the Bar Out
06. On My Mind
07. Dat's Weak Shit
08. Move
09. Pain Iz Luv
10. Allumni
11. Rollin' (Click for Video!)

Arcane vs 100 Bulletz


Sikadelik - A New Kind of Haunting (2012)

Artwork By: Kachin

01. Intro! (New Kind of Haunting)
02. Stories (ft. Epik) [Beat by IntroDark]
03. Rap's Just a Little Part of Me [Beat by 2Deep]
04. Mental Warzone [Beat by 2Deep]
05. Instinct to Kill (ft. J-crawf) [Beat by Denson]
06. Not From This World [Beat by IntroDark]
07. The One Sent (24 Bars) [Beat by 2Deep]
08. Game of War (ft. Mystik)
09. Engine of Darkness [Beat by Denson]
10. Cold Blooded (ft. Rip The Rippa) [Beat by 2Deep]
11. Dead Silence (ft. BRobb, IntroDark, Sandman) [Beat by 2Deep]
12. Devil's Night (ft. BRobb) [Beat by The Dark Orchestra]
13. Last Chapter (ft. LilJ) [Beat by Denson]
14. Outro! (It's Alive!) [Beat by IntroDark]

06, 10, 11 - Cutz by IntroDArk


Heaven - Devil'z Love EP (2012)

01. Feel It (Intro)
02. Devil'z Love (ft. SickTanick, Rev. Fang Gory)
03. Another Life (ft. Alzymerz, Rellik 781)
04. Another Life Pt. 2 (ft. Stitch Mouth)
05. Lilith (ft. MC Val)
06. Eat My Heart
07. In The Dark (Skillet Cover)
08. Tragedy (Outro)


Tony D & Locksmyth - The Tone & Smyth Show (The Pilot) (2012)

Iguan - One Shotgun [Beat by Bartha] (With English Subtitles)

1st track released from Iguan's upcoming mixtape titled "Sol Haut" which is set to be released in 2013. The track was inspired by the movie: "Hobo With a Shotgun". The lyrics are included as subtitles in English.


Fubar & Supreme the Truth - "The Ghouls Within" (1st Single) (Listen in HD)

1st single from upcoming album titled "Impending Doom" which is a collaboration project from Fubar representing Shark Brothers Label, Demonios Sekt & OvaSeas Movement along with Supreme the Truth representing Goldminded Records.

Beat: High Chief
Cuts: DJ Joon
Mix & Master: MoTioN
Artwork: Kachin

Supreme Truth:

I wield a sword and a battered shield in this battle field
I grapple with jackals 'til they scatter and yield
keep a gat concealed, I'm ready to bust lead
the knotty natty natural dread leaving faggot rappers dead
never trust feds, I dual with djinns
while simultaneously dualing with the ghouls within
drop jewels of sin and throw grenades of fury
and cut up my vegetables with blades of glory
it's bigger then the block, I pop glocks, it's blatant
I was hand picked by by Jah to come box with Satan
remain unbeaten, stand witness as men drop
firing off dart tips dipped in hemlock
spit gems hot, so son don't make a sound
have you spine on the ground when I put my foot down
it's deeper then the booth, remain righteous as a youth
step into the vortex, you can't deny the truth..


dual of the iron mics, I am fueled by a guiding light
cruel with a giant knife, rule like a tyrant might
I never make deals
the path I've chosen is treacherous, devastates wheels
weapon is godly, it penetrates shields
eat once a day, never separate meals
on the day of your judgment plagues I'ma summon
listen for seven sounds I play on my trumpet
I'ma spit 'til the age of a hundred
until then, enemies will face deconstruction
they'll blow up, with a grenade in their stomach
it's useless trying to escape from my dungeon
called for battle, and I instantly came forth
skill level shows I've been spitting since age four
living to wage war, swinging a claymore
addicted to blood, that's why I'm licking the blade for..

Strange Gibberish - Helloween 5: The Final Chapter

Who's Watching? (Fubar, Chris Crackalackle, Fat Ross) [Beat by Waatu]

01. Deepcrates - Alice Cooper vs Crate Pumpkin
02. Turtle Handz - Smells Like Fear [Beat by Hunchback Esquire]
03. Amable - Phibes
04. Iz-Real, Chris C, Yours Truly - 81
05. Marsh Sound - Uncle Scooby
06. Det the Bomb - This is Helloween
07. Sneed the Jade Badger - The Incredibly Strange Dr. Jade
08. Fat Ross & Issuez - Rooftop Nightmares [Beat by Black Tokyo]
09. Deepcrates - PS Crate Pumpkin
10. Weez1 - Mesmetron [Beat by Waatu]
11. Eyes & Teeth - Undead Students
12. Melodious Mike - Halloween Boombap
13. Collectible Humans - Blood Plus Grass (Deathstill Remix)
14. Afrodeeeshzzz - Rap Jones
15. Bagz - Percept Prophecy
16. Formica Jones - X-Mas Shopping at 99 Cent Store
17. Cashus Flow & Five Sicks - The Illest Halloween
18. Day Day - Promote the Violence
19. C Carter - Bonfire [Beat by Tekone]
20. Deepcrates - Dear Crate Pumpkin
21. Eyes & Teeth - Skinned Alive
22. Hraculez Bou'faunt - Frankenstein
23. Fat Ross, Chris C & Fubar - Who's Watching? [Beat by Waatu]
24. Jester Royale - Voodoo Child
25. Iz-Real - Indigo
26. Recordmonster (ft. Weez1 & Omega Jackson) - Champion of Champions
27. Family Gang - Grave Digger
28. Locksmith - Crazy Monkey Crisis
29. True Grimlock - All In
30. Jade Palace Guard - 2 Sadists in the Swamp
31. Ill-Iteracy - Inside ya Mind
32. The Mza - Golden Wu
33. Wrekonyze - Poppin' Off at the Mouth
34. Fubar, The Jotaka, Sacred Age - Continuum of Violence [Beat by Voider-One]
35. Recordmonster - Dust
36. Redi High Knights - RHK vs SG
37. Weez1 - The Right Snuff
38. Salk - Celtic Masque [Beat by Jumbled]
39. Day Day - Kill You
40. Scraps McGraff - Oktober
41. Deepcrates - Deepcrates vs Crate Pumpkin


"The Man with the Iron Fists" Remix Contest (Presented by Rza & ProAudioStar) (2012)

Contest where you remix a track from the soundtrack from Rza’s new movie, The Man with the Iron Fists. The track you’ll be remixing is titled "Built For This" and features none other than Method Man, Freddie Gibbs and Streetlife. 10 finalists will recieve autographed soundtracks and posters. Rza’s personally selected "Grand Prize Winner" will get a nationwide release from Soul Temple Records, and a prize package worth over $10,000!

High Chief's Entry <--click to VOTE !!

DJ Rhum'1's Entry <-- click to VOTE !!

DJ Coach 1's Entry <-- click to VOTE !!


Seven Oddities Records - Out For Blood Vol. 1

"Out For Blood" (ft. Dreamtek & Prone)



Big Lu - Astralnomicon (COMING SOON)

New album from Big Lu coming soon. It is entirely produced by him and will feature various underground MC's and DJ's. The 1st single is titled "Ambrosia Offering" which was performed by Mike Feezy. Check out the video below..


MySpace 1
MySpace 2


Ascended Masters - Reflexions EP (2012)


Ascended Masters (Facebook)
Revolt Motion Records

Righteouz Knight - The Prequel Mixtape Vol. 2 "Righteouz Kill" (2012)




Vinnie Paz - Fires of the Judas Blood

Vinnie Paz - God of the Serengeti (2012)

01. Shadow of the Guillotine (ft. Q-Unique) [Beat by DJ Lethal]
02. Slum Chemist [Beat by C-Lance]
03. The Oracle [Beat by DJ Premier]
04. Your Blood Will Blot Out the Sun (ft. Immortal Technique & Poison Pen) [Beat by Tony Kenyatta]
05. Last Breath (ft. Chris Rivers & Whispers) [Beat by C-Lance]
06. Crime Library (ft. Blaq Poet) [Beat by Marco Polo]
07. Feign Submission (Intermission) [Beat by JBL the Titan]
08. Duel to the Death (ft. Mobb Deep) [Beat by Stu Bangas]
09. Problem Solver (ft. Scarface) [Beat by The Arcitype]
10. Battle Hymn (ft. Apathy, King Syze, Crypt The Warchild, Jus Allah, Esoteric, Blacastan, Celph Titled & Planetary) [Beat by Mr. Green]
11. Geometry of Business (ft. La Coka Nostra) [Beat by Havoc]
12. Jake Lamotta [Beat by Illinformed]
13. 7 Fires of Prophecy (ft. Tragedy Khadafi) [Beat by Beatnick Dee]
14. Cheesesteaks [Beat by Psycho Les]
15. Cold, Dark & Empty (ft. FT & Smoke) [Beat by Jack of All Trades]
16. Razor Gloves (ft. R.A. The Rugged Man) [Beat by MTK]
17. Wolves Amongst the Sheep (ft. Kool G. Rap & Block McCloud) [Beat by C-Lance]
18. You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train [Beat by C-Lance & JBL the Titan]