Fubar - Before the Legend EP (ALBUM REVIEW)

Album review by journalist Sue Bryant:

"I was asked to review this E.P. and had no prior knowledge of Fubar which meant I had no pre-conceptions or expectations which is the perfect way to review someone’s music. This 8 track E.P. is the latest offering from Illinois rapper Fubar and has been released to celebrate 20,000 views on his blog and is a taster of what is to come from Fubar.

The E.P. starts with “Visionary” and immediately I get a sense of Fubar’s style and delivery. Fubar has one of those flows that somehow combines seeming effortless with delivering with conviction. His lyrics are deep and thoughtful and it is a strong opening track. “It Is I” is a more up-tempo track and Fubar handles the change in tempo with ease, still delivering his lyrics with clarity and excellent timing. The next 5 tracks are all collaborations with various artists and have a very distinct flavor of Latino rap especially “Continuum of Violence” which I liked as it showed Fubar’s versatility and willingness to work with others. The E.P. ends with “Weaponized Dope” which is in the same vein as “Visionary” and is very much about delivering strong lyrics.

I really enjoyed the E.P. I think it gives the listener a good idea of who Fubar is and what he has to offer and serves its purpose of hooking you in so you will keep an eye out for future releases from Fubar. The production on the E.P. was clean and Fubar picked a good selection of beats to showcase his talent. If you haven’t downloaded the E.P. yet I strongly recommend that you do and that you watch out for Fubar in the future."

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Interview with Sue Bryant at Rapsoulution Magazine

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