SuperScrull - The Donnie Darko Tape

01. I Am Donnie Darko
02. Frank the Bunny
03. Alone (To Be Alone)
04. The Giant Bunny Rabbit
05. Time's Up
06. When's It Going to Stop!

Also make sure you keep an eye out for "Scumbag Lifestyle" which is set to be released September 2012 on bandcamp as well !!!


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Brain Kave Music Group

Katha & Kachin - Les Anges Déchus (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

1st single from the upcoming EP titled "Tenebrae Solaris". Lyrics will be handled by Katha, beats produced by Kachin. It is set to be released September 2012 and will be available for free download at the Demonios Sekt (Website)

June Marx - Seven Trumpets Sound


Angelic Archery (ft. Chief Kamachi)


01. From Dust
02. Codec Transmission
03. Torches
04. Orbs of Orion (ft. UG)
05. Fear Effect
06. Hydrodynamics
07. Heavenly Virtues
08. Angelic Archery (ft. Chief Kamachi)
09. Filthy Philosophy
10. Metal Gear (ft. Reef the Lost Cauze)
11. Parasites
12. Survival Kit
13. Book of Storms (ft. King David)
14. Wetlands (ft. IDE) / Valley of Souls
15. Reload
16. Androids (ft. Godilla)
17. Lifestream
18. Shadows of a Man
19. Aurora Doctrine
20. Skyshow (ft. Masta Buildas)
21. Gargoyles
22. Vile Winds (ft. Life Long & Lone Ninja)
23. Sorrow of Sorrows
24. Brazil
25. Good Morning Destiny



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Klive Kraven Presents: "Kill the Fucking Thing" Emcee Competition (2012)

Instrumental: (Copy & Paste this link) - http://www.mediafire.com/?jckd7b4ttn3sktc


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Lenguarmada & Kachin - B1B EP


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Demonios Sekt

Kwote1 - Kwote's Kwotables (The Unofficial EP)

1. The Art of Raw (ft. Pryme Prolifik, Reakt20 & Sycksyllables)
2. Move On (ft. Big X)
3. The Next Plateau (ft. King Magnetic & Sycksllables)
4. I Need U (ft. Don K.Sen & IDE)
5. Murder Ethics (ft. Dreamtek)
6. Street Music (ft. Ruste Juxx, King Magnetic, Singapore Kane & DJ Double S)
7. The End (ft. Papi Jamon)
8. Be My Victim (Bonus)


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Kozak - Suspendido En El Tiempo EP

Kozak Days (ft. Adlib & Dr. Creep)



Brikaza Records


Lenguarmada - La Realidad Es Brutal


Demonios Sekt

Labal-S - Order Out of Chaos (Mixtape)

01. Order Out of Chaos (Intro)
02. Above the Hierarchy [Beat by Hemporer K]
03. Brain Dead [Beat by WIK]
04. Deprogram Ya'Self [Beat by Hemporer K]
05. Dark Days [Beat by Illstar]
06. Witness Leviathan Kill Church [Beat by Illstar]
07. Illusions (ft. D-R Teest) [Beat by WIK]
08. Warriors of Light [Beat by LogicFly]
09. Legend of Atlantis [Beat by Illstar]
10. Play My Part [Beat by DJ Reef]
11. L.I.F.E. [Beat by SwollenDrumz]
12. 11th Hour [Beat by Hellbound]
13. Unauthorized Hip-Hop Pt. 1 [Beat by SwollenDrumz]
14. Insomnia (ft. Bloody Monk Consortium) [Beat by Lex Luger]
15. 1984 Now [Beat by Hemporer K]
16. Conspiracy [Beat by WIK]
17. Evil Oligarchy [Beat by Hakiki Bela]
18. Come Home (Freestyle) [Beat by Sinima]
19. Mental In Action [Beat by WIK]
20. Be Alive [Beat by DJ Reef]
21. Canal of the Pharaohs (ft. Righteous Da Goddess & Presto)
22. Apokalypse [Beat by DJ Shadowfist]
23. One Undead [Beat by DJ Reef]
24. My Level [Beat by Hellbound]
25. Who I Am [Beat by DJ Reef]
26. TESLA Intro [Beat by WIK]
27. Missing You [TESLA Tribute] [Beat by WIK]
28. Welcome to the New World (ft. Illstar & Hakiki Bela)

Witness Leviathan Kill Church [Beat by IllStar]

Dark Days [Beat by IllStar]


Dr. Murder Verses
Bloody Monk Consortium


Gutmistrz Drahuda - Lektorzy Osobowosci Vol. III Ksiega Przedwiecznych

Haunters of the Dark (ft. Mlody Goh, Fubar, The Jotaka & Janek)

Bloody Scrolls (ft. Mortal, Fubar & Badyl)

Musical Thought (ft. Mlody Goh & Fubar)

01. Mythos (Intro)
02. Book 1 (ft. McO, SID Bambola Assassina & The Jotaka)
03. Undead Kingdom
04. Musical Thought (ft. Mlody Goh & Fubar)
05. Nyarlathotep (Skit)
06. Temple of the Black Pharaoh
07. Bloody Scrolls (ft. Mortal, Fubar & Badyl)
08. Academy of Madness
09. Vision of Abdul Alhazred
10. Eldritch Rites (Skit)
11. The Nameless City
12. The Road of Madness
13. Swiadectwo Szalenca
14. The Haunters of the Dark (ft. Mlody Goh, Fubar, The Jotaka & Janek)
15. The Great Old Ones (Outro)



Caprot - The Dragon (Mixtape)

01. Intro [Beat by LunaticK]
02. Cap's Creed [Beat by LunaticK]
03. Ask The World (ft. Sick Invite)
04. Part of the Underground
05. Rhyme & Reason (ft. Apostolus)
06. 44 Bars
07. The Dragon
08. Calamitous Duo (ft. Apostolus)
09. Lyrical Manslaughter (ft. Killa T)
10. Theoretically Breathing Flame (ft. Chaos Theory)
11. TeamBackPack Contest Entry (Bonus Track)

Caprot - "A Bit of Fun" (Episode 1)

Be sure to stay tuned to his YouTube channel for the "A Bit of Fun" episodes which should be posted every week while he works on future releases !!!





The Jokerr's "I Dare You To Diss Me" Contest (Passionate MC)

Round 1: Passionate MC vs Immaculate

Semi-Final: Passionate MC

Round 2 (Finals): Passionate MC vs Sketchy Waze

Bonus: The Jokerr Diss "The Jedi vs The Jester"

I Am Infinity (Mixtape Series):

The Conception:

The Expansion:

The Dominance Pt. 1:

01. Intro
02. The Akashic Record
03. Paradise
04. Money's On Me
05. Starlight
06. Sadness Sin
07. Blood on the Wall
08. Rap Superstar
09. 60 Dayz 60 Nightz
10. Above the Law
11. William Wordsworth
12. Black Yellow
13. Dorks
14. Rap Terrorist
15. Mastermind
16. Flow Heat No Beat (Verse)
17. Go Hard
18. Vitality
19. Family Therapy Session
20. State of You
21. Microphone
22. Outro


Battle Royale (YouTube)

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Morning Star/DNRX - Album Preview

Album will be available at Bandcamp

Name your price from free and up: To each according to their abilities.

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Topas & Knockoutkings - Guerrilla Warfare


DJ Coach One (Facebook)
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OvaSeas Movement (Group)


Underground Babylon - You Are What You Know (Mixtape)

New mixtape designed by blog: "Underground-Babylon" entitled "You Are What You Know"

It contains a selection of various national and international artists that fit the theme (You Are What You Know).

There are 41 tracks, some of them unpublished, produced and sold composed exclusively for this project, previously unreleased tracks:

09. Toi & DJ Kid - Remote Control
12. Komodo Dragons - The Challenge
18. Zamba - Violence is Consequence [Beat by Marcelo Perne]
35. Sharon - Deep Sleep [Beat by Fndaf]

Selection of artists and bands by: Bnd
Graphic design by: Bnd
Illustration of: WTFUDETHISISAWESOME (www.flickr.com/people/75774841 @ N08)





Track List:

01. Jordan Rive Banks - My Sorrow (Ciph Barker Instrumental)
02. Amos the Ancient Prophet - Battlegrounds of Sorrow (ft. Gage Trust & White Lotus)
03. Premeditação - Meu Lugar [Beat by Nítido Beats]
04. Vega-X - Self Truth (ft. Semantix tha Sorcera, Lokjaw & Marvelous Dark)
05. Jewelz Infinite - Nuclear Jetstreams (ft. Orko Eloheim)
06. Fundodamente - Anjos Caidos (ft. Antraz)
07. Apakalypse & Son of Saturn - Future Teacherz
08. Atma, Decipher 73i & Jah Niggah Da Baptist - The Holy Science [Beat by Anahata Sacred Sound Current]
09. Toi & DJ Nene - Controle Remoto
10. Dr. Creep - In a Maze [Beat by 4th Assassin]
11. Graveyard Shifter - Unique Masterz (ft. J-Mega)
12. Dragões de Komodo - O Desafio
13. Sinister Stricken - Butterfly Effect (ft. Semantix tha Sorcera & Tesla's Ghost)
14. Truthseekah - Enter the Stargate (ft. Cosmic Crusader & Neme)
15. Antraz - Desabafo do Mundo [Beat by Antraz]
16. Chief Kamachi - Savior of Ages (ft. G8abak & Vendetta Kingz)
17. Babylon Warchild - The Towers of Babylon (ft. Chief Kamachi & Wordsworth)
18. Zamba - Violência é Conseqüência [Beat by Marcelo Perne]
19. Synonym Vs Si-Klon - Broken Hourglass (ft. Infinite 7 Mind)
20. Project Manzu - Diamond Dogs ($ aka Cash Rule Remix)
21. Tormento & Rodone Dimbas - Nostradamus Liricista [Beat by Tormento]
22. Icabod Chang - Bloody Sunset
23. Nocivo Shomon - Babilônia [Beat by Diogo Ogo]
24. Shogun Assason - Who's Eyes Can See?
25. Devasto - Representantes da Rua
26. Killah Priest - Brilliantaire
27. GNZ & Antraz - Por Escolha [Beat by Antraz]
28. Tesla's Ghost - Up 2 U
29. Rep em Fatos - Parte da História (ft. Priscila)
30. Krohme - Kill Humanati (ft. Breez Evahflowin) (Sweets to the Sweet Edition)
31. Liricaos - Era de Aquarius
32. Reggiimental & Semantix tha Sorcera - Nothing to Worry About
33. Monge - Caminho de Zion (ft. Eazy CDA) [Beat by Eazy CDA]
34. Imperial Skillz Empera & Gamblez - Behind Deaths Door
35. Sharon - Sono Profundo [Beat by Fndaf]
36. Poetic Death - 24 Fushion Bomds (ft. J-Mega)
37. Enigmatiko - Os Ingredientes Essenciais para o Seu Insucesso
38. Psych Ward - Biophyzix
39. Rodrigo Mendonça - A Carta
40. Holocaust (as Robot Tank) - Ghost
41. Premeditação - Isso Tudo [Beat by Áreah SP]