Labal-S - Order Out of Chaos (Mixtape)

01. Order Out of Chaos (Intro)
02. Above the Hierarchy [Beat by Hemporer K]
03. Brain Dead [Beat by WIK]
04. Deprogram Ya'Self [Beat by Hemporer K]
05. Dark Days [Beat by Illstar]
06. Witness Leviathan Kill Church [Beat by Illstar]
07. Illusions (ft. D-R Teest) [Beat by WIK]
08. Warriors of Light [Beat by LogicFly]
09. Legend of Atlantis [Beat by Illstar]
10. Play My Part [Beat by DJ Reef]
11. L.I.F.E. [Beat by SwollenDrumz]
12. 11th Hour [Beat by Hellbound]
13. Unauthorized Hip-Hop Pt. 1 [Beat by SwollenDrumz]
14. Insomnia (ft. Bloody Monk Consortium) [Beat by Lex Luger]
15. 1984 Now [Beat by Hemporer K]
16. Conspiracy [Beat by WIK]
17. Evil Oligarchy [Beat by Hakiki Bela]
18. Come Home (Freestyle) [Beat by Sinima]
19. Mental In Action [Beat by WIK]
20. Be Alive [Beat by DJ Reef]
21. Canal of the Pharaohs (ft. Righteous Da Goddess & Presto)
22. Apokalypse [Beat by DJ Shadowfist]
23. One Undead [Beat by DJ Reef]
24. My Level [Beat by Hellbound]
25. Who I Am [Beat by DJ Reef]
26. TESLA Intro [Beat by WIK]
27. Missing You [TESLA Tribute] [Beat by WIK]
28. Welcome to the New World (ft. Illstar & Hakiki Bela)

Witness Leviathan Kill Church [Beat by IllStar]

Dark Days [Beat by IllStar]


Dr. Murder Verses
Bloody Monk Consortium

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