Joey Menza & Katha - Da Tape

Joey Menza & Katha collaboration. Features production from DJ Swordkilla, Norman Krates, Goldsmith, Bruva Grimm, Emphasized Beats, Boola Records & Kachin. Includes bangers such as “Love & Hate”, “3 Dead Dogs”, “Empires”, “Halfway to Paradise”, “Realness” & “Death is Certain”. These are my favorites but they are all dope, be sure to check ‘em out !!


Fubar - Verse a Day, Keeps the Demons Away Vol. 1

9 tracks deep. I recorded a verse a day for the month of August (2011) and recorded them over their respective instrumentals..

Baby Jayne - What Ever Happened to Baby Jayne?

Big Lu - Mostly Unlaced


MySpace 1
MySpace 2

Big Lu - Chingadero (Instrumental Album)

Baby Jayne - Groovetree (A Tribute to Doomtree)

Yet another Baby Jayne project. This one in particular is a tribute to the rap super group: Doomtree. 10 tracks deep, 1 intro and 9 others, each written for every member of the group. All beats produced by K-Mack G. Enjoy ..

Kwote1 - The B Side (Collecting Dust)

Kwote1 has been putting it down for quite a while now. He is currently working on a solo album as well as a group album with Wordsplay & Noah, who make up Tunnel Movement. This is his 1st release serving as an appetizer for the main course. Be on the lookout for future projects. You have been warned ..

Fubar & Big Lu - The Hammer Murderers

DMH (Dead Man's Hand) - Deader Alive

DMH consists of myself and Hutch Devill.

01. Cemetery Gates 
02. Black Skies 
03. Bare Bones Pt. 1 [Beat by MUD!]
04. Ghosts of War 
05. Silent Hill (ft. Chatterbox)
06. Interlude 
07. Farewell to the Flesh 
08. Tempered Steel 
09. Bare Bones Pt. 2 [Beat by MUD!]
10. Hell's Halo (ft. Chatterbox)
11. Burial Ground 
12. Brimstone Rock (ft. Chatterbox)

Fubar & Flux - The Call of Duty EP

01. Just Chill 
02. Dream Catcher 
03. Melt 
04. Surgical Meditation 
05. My Notebook 
06. Call of Duty 

*all beats by Tristam (aka Irk One)

Know Names - End of Timez

Method to Madness

We Are Legend (ft. Wordsplay, Baby Jayne, Kwote1, Flux)

01. Method to Madness
02. Pain (ft. Flux, Baby Jayne, Wordsplay)
03. Art of Language (ft. The Chrononaut, Myzyr, Kwote1)
04. Reality
05. Diary of a Madman (ft. Flux)
06. Beat Box Cipher Pt. 1 (ft. Push Rock, Lab)
07. Flawed by Design (ft. Baby Jayne, Flux)
08. Your Execution
09. Love Stinks (ft. Baby Jayne, Wordsplay)
10. We Are Legend (ft. Wordsplay, Baby Jayne, Kwote1, Flux)
11. End of Timez

Baby Jayne - Faceless & Fragmented

Just Be

Strange Fruit

Baby Jayne & Big Lu - Rap for Rap's Sake

Holler!! (ft. Fubar)

John Henry

Priestess Laments

Stop Lying (ft. Fubar)

2-fer - Deliver Us Some Evil !!

2-fer consists Fubar and Baby Jayne.

01. Children of the Night 
02. Dirt Poor 
03. The Pumpkin Song (Reprise)
04. The Other Side 
05. Open Wounds 
06. Pluto's Domain 
07. The Collective (ft. The Chrononaut, Von Halford, Myzyr)

Fubar - Soldier of Darkness EP

01. 666th Chamber [Beat by JQ]
02. Soldier of Darkness (ft. JQ) [Beat by JQ]
03. The Wooden Stake [Beat by PhiLogic]

Fubar - Return of the Chosen

01. God Bless You (ft. Flux) [Beat by Flux]
02. Sick is the Status [Beat by PhiLogic]
03. Return of the Chosen [Beat by PhiLogic]
04. Gods Among Men (ft. Flux, Kannibal Kwake) [Beat by MUD!]
05. v/m Messages (Skit)
06. Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde [Beat by PhiLogic]
07. Arts & Crafts (ft. Flux) [Beat by PhiLogic]
08. Road to Perdition (ft. Flux) [Beat by Fubar]
09. The Pumpkin Song [Beat by Fubar]
10. Outroduction [Beat by JQ]
11. Outroduction 2 (ft. Wordsplay, JQ) [Beat by JQ]
12. Sick is the Status (Remix) [Beat by Fubar]
13. Arts & Crafts (Remix) [Beat by Fubar]
14. Arts & Crafts (Flanger Remix) [Beat by PhiLogic]

Fubar - Stress Relief

01. Here It Is..
02. Well-Known Asshole
03. Bash It on the Dash
04. v/m Message (Skit)
05. Who Is He?
06. Angel De La Muerte
07. My Hatchet is Gorgeous
08. Sopa on the Rocks (ft. Cene)
09. Outro (Shout Outs)
10. Focus (Bonus Track)
11. The Burial Pill
12. Suenos Malos (ft. Busta Rhymes)
13. Ghost & Goblin (ft. 2pac)

* all beats by MUD! except 10 (Undefined), 11, 12, 13