Diabolic - The Foul Play Mixtape (2007)

01. My Turn [Beat by Shuko]
02. Masterplan (ft. Akir) [Beat by Engineer]
03. Truth Pt. 1 [Beat by Engineer]
04. Perspective [Beat by DJ Snips]
05. Morning Light [Beat by DJ Mentat]
06. Ya’ll Don’t Know (ft. Block McCloud) [Beat by Daneja]
07. Asshole & a Creep Grimlock
08. 99 Pounds (Freeverse)
09. Hold Ya Tongue [Beat by Gamshooter]
10. You Don’t Know (Freeverse)
11. Club Hater (ft. Smoothe Da Hustler) [Beat by DJ Dummy]
12. Role Model (Freeverse)
13. Drugs Is Drugs (ft. Immortal Technique & Remynd)
14. No No No (Freeverse)
15. You Won’t [Beat by Asthmatik]
16. You Don’t Own Me [Beat by 730]
17. Gangsters (London Radio Freeverse)

Slaine - The Fuckery Hotel (ft. Kali & Reks)

Tha Soloist vs Trilian - Original Script (2013)

Ultimo Aviso - Light the Fuse (ft. Caxton Press) (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2013)

Army of the Pharaohs - After Torture There's Pain (2006)

01. Intro
02. Blitz
03. Murder Death Kill
04. Prince of Darkness
05. This Is War
06. The Pharaohs
07. QD Cut
08. Already Dead
09. Are You Ready
10. Divine Evil
11. Every Second
12. The Army
13. Real Villains
14. Gods & Generals
15. Cult Status
16. You Can Try
17. Chain Reaction (Remix)
18. Speak Now
19. Gangsta, Gangsta
20. Band of Brothers
21. Silence & I
22. Burning Candles

Gamblez - What My Eyes See (2011)

Sycksyllables - La Botella [Beat by Crown of Grim Reaperz] (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2013)

Beat by Crown of the Grim Reaperz
Co-Directed by Lizette Rivas & Matt Johnson
Model: Jamie Vanessa Duarte
Make-up: Yanet Robles
Mixed & Mastered by Lucciluke
Label: La Plaga

The Jotaka & Katha - Solo Con Mi Tristeza (ft. Paula Medrano) (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2013)

Beat by Explicito
Edited by Moolood

Choppa Clique - Featuring Us Mixtape (2013)

Vega X & Amos The Ancient Prophet - The Witch Hammer EP

Phasewon - Born Alone, Die Alone [Beat by The Gonz]


Donnalbain - Love Me a Fresh Geisha (Instrumental) (2013)

Rez The Silverback - The Walking Sacrifice (2013)

01. Sensei [Beat by Jim Reaper]
02. Fable Dreams (ft. LifeWhyz) [Beat by Olaf]
03. Golden Terror (ft. Resolute) [Beat by Edd Bundy] - Cuts by TMB
04. Bringin' it Back (ft. Klive Kraven, Edd Bundy & Perseverance) [Beat by Tucky]
05. Scumbag Pt. 2 [Beat by Klive Kraven]
06. Lunatic Tactics (ft. Coal) [Beat by Coal]
07. Meditation [Beat by Fonka] - Cuts by DJ Madhandz
08. Warning [Beat by Zenghi]
09. Bored of Board Games (ft. EyeRap) [Beat by Edd Bundy]
10. Welcome to the Playhouse (ft. 11:23pm, EyeRap & Ixion Form) [Beat by Hellzwind]
11. Hip-Hop (ft. Ixion Form) [Beat by Tucky]
12. I Am Words (ft. Tre-L) [Beat by Hellzwind]
13. Goodbye [Beat by Jim Reaper]

Danegurous - Multisyllabus (ft. Apathy & Diabolic) [Beat by C-Lance] - Cuts by White Shadow (Single) (2013)


Dell Wells & Bridget Barkan - OK (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (2013)

directed by Jorge Rivera
cinematography by Carlos Rentas
edited by Carlos Rentas & Giovanni Torres
drums by Billy Fox
bass by James Ilgenfritz

Enlightened Soulz - The Cosmic Deities (2013)

01. Intro
02. Black Box (ft. Joey Menza) [Beat by Gordo Templi]
03. Giants of Metropolis (ft. Gordo Templi, Divine Stylez & Dr. VooDoo) [Beat by Gordo Templi]
04. Game Of Thrones (ft. Life Scientist) [Beat by Scientific]
05. Subconscious Catacombs (ft. Kalki & Secret Swords) [Beat by Aquarius Minded] - Sample by Soul Shinobi
06. Cosmic Hums (ft. Gordo Templi, Divine Stylez & Dr. VooDoo) [Beat by Gordo Templi]
07. Apothesis (ft. Cosmic Tribe of Fable) [Beat by Pro P]
08. Acidic Linguistics (ft. Dr. VooDoo, Gordo Templi & Divine Stylez) [Beat by Gifted Strangers] - Cuts by Rise One
09. Deaf March (ft. Bliss) [Beat by DeeAre]
10. Invaders from Asgard (Viking Warriors) (ft. Gordo Templi, Divine Stylez, Supreme The Truth, Fubar, Dr. Voodoo) [Beat by Blaq Masq] - Cuts by MadHandz
11. Flaming Sword (ft. Cosmic Mellanin) [Beat by Pro P]
12. Cosmic Chef (ft. Secret Swords) [Beat by 3rd Chambah]
13. Murderous (ft. Dr. Voodoo) [Beat by Big Rediculus]
14. Soul Vibrations (ft. Gordo Templi, Divine Stylez, Dr. Voodoo) [Beat by Divine Stylez]
15. Capitol Hill (ft. M.A.B, Life Scientist, Divine Styles, Gordo Templi, Maximus the Mantis, Secret Swords, Bliss) [Beat by Dirty Def]

Torner - Trauma Files (2013)

Ill Bill - How to Survive the Apocalypse (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (2013)

Beat: Psycho Les
Directed by SCI for Scientific Lens Productions
Album: The Grimey Awards

Onse - Earth is Bleeding Bootleg Vol. 1 (2013)


Fubar & The Jotaka - Sharp Tongue vs The Perverse (Album Sampler) (2013)

Album sampler for "Sharp Tongue vs The Perverse" which will soon be available for FREE DOWNLOAD everywhere. Features from Sikadelik, Verb, RyPa, Kwote1, Ascian, Onse, Lenguarmada, Alpha Sigma, Cheyenne & Secret Swords. Production from DJ Coach 1, Sras Beatmaker, Morning Star/DNRX, Beatljuice, WormX, Voider-One, Iron Curtain, Fade2Dead, Dseize, Mushson & Kwervo.

Swollen Members - Almost Famous (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (2013)

New music video from Swollen Members from the new album "Beautiful Death Machine" out on March 19, 2013.

Fubar & DJ Rhum'1 - Shark Infested Waters (Physical Copies)

Send a message to DJ Rhum'1

OzGoon - GoonBars (ft. Fubar) [Beat by Kekko Beats] (Single) (2013)

Beat: Kekko Beats
Cutz: DJ MadHandz

ILLtemper - 9 Hallowz (ft. Demoz)

Dells Wells - 50 Shades of Hip Hop (ft. Lauren Francesca)

Directed by Jorge Rivera (jrivera@ilmedia.tv)
Performed by Dell Wells
Director of photography: Carlos Rentas
Co-Starring Lauren Francesca & Jeff Koenig
Music by Craig Levy
Lyrics by Dell Wells
B.G. vocals: E.C. LaRock
Piano by Asia Mei
Produced by Andrew Prieto, Carlos Rentas, Jorge Rivera
Art directed by Liz Moser, Jorge Rivera
Monkey choreography created & performed by Oliver Nuñez & Anthony Ojeda
Make-up by Emilia Adamkiewicz
Set construction by John Casteneda
Camera assistant: Greg LaMotta

Werd (SOS) - Strait Jacket EP (2013)

Swann Flu Music - Table of Kings Vol. 1 (2013)

Zagnif Nori - Faridat (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (2013)

Plague Plenty - Living Ghost (2013)

Matter - The Stitch Up (2013)


Fubar & The Jotaka - Sharp Tongue vs The Perverse (COMING SOON)

Cover by Kachin

Collaboration album from Demonios Sekt - 2nd Circle members: Fubar (aka Sharp Tongue) & The Jotaka (aka The Perverse). Scheduled to be released before April and will be available for free download. Below is the track list ..

01. Intro [Beat by DJ Coach 1]
02. Tomb of Horrors (ft. Sikadelik) [Beat by Sras Beatmaker]
03. Blood Crawl (ft. Verb) [Beat by Morning Star/DNRX]
04. Sword of Damocles (ft. RyPa) [Beat by Beatljuice]
05. Valley of the Emperors (ft. Kwote1) [Beat by WormX]
06. Dead by Dawn (Interlude) [Beat by Voider-One]
07. All The Time (ft. Ascian, Onse) [Beat by Iron Curtain]
08. Forged in Chaos (ft. Lenguarmada) [Beat by Fade2Dead]
09. Dwell in Darkness (ft. Alpha Sigma) [Beat by Dseize]
10. Armor of Vengeance (ft. Cheyenne, Secret Swords) [Beat by Mushson]
11. Riders of the Dark [Beat by Kwervo]
12. Outro [Beat by DJ Rhum'1]

Cuts: DJ Coach 1
Mix & Master: DJ Coach 1

The 6th Element - Ever Heard of The 6th Element? (2013)

"Words I Never Said" (ft. Supreme The Truth, Fubar & Baby Jayne)

DJ Low Cut - Ruste Juxx – Worldwide Roughness (Al’Tarba Remix) (Single)


Baby Jayne - All That Glitters (2013)

Apostolus - 100 Bars (Single) (2013)

Undercream Presents: UnderXclusive Joints (2013)

Hace tiempo que en Undercream queríamos dar una vuelta de tuerca a nuestra serie de recopilatorios "Undercream Joints" y de esa idea nace este "UnderXclusive Joints", una compilación de temas inéditos y exclusivos donde el peso lo llevan MC's y Productores de la escena Underground nacional e internacional, todos ellos han sido protagonistas de nuestros post en algún momento y ahora lo son de este disco. Desde el Blog queremos dar las gracias a todos ellos por poner su energia y compromiso en este proyecto, muy especialmente a Zagnif Nori por su tema (adelanto en exclusiva) perteneciente a su próximo disco "The Meridian Gem" (Salida el 9 de Abril) y de la misma manera a Swinn Da Example por adelantarnos un tema de su próxima mixtape "Of Da Back Burnah". También agradacer la colaboración de nuestros hermanos de Anoder Vaina y DeLaRue Squad (siempre estaremos con vosotros en el camino), a la gente de fuera que pese a la distancia y el idioma han puesto todo de su parte desde el primer momento (Righteouz Knight, Confidence, King Ra, Fenaxiz...), a Tocha Pro por su apoyo desde el pricipio y por su música, a nuestros paisanos Neomai, Yote Jazz, Suker y J. Leone por poner a Galicia donde se merece, a Groove Drama, J. Dose y Dheformer por transmitir toda su alma en esto, a IM Funk por su apoyo incondicional y por presentarnos a Jota, a Luder por traernos esa ración de beatbox que tanto escasea y por último a mi hermano Dash Shamash, una de las piezas fundamentales del proyecto, sin tí esto no sería posible.

01. Dash Shamash - 90Brutalidad (Intro Joint)
02. Righteouz Knight - Sweatin Blood Freestyle [Beat by Snowgoons]
03. Dash Shamash - Buscandome A Mi Mismo [Beat by Dash Shamash]
04. King RA - Melon [Beat by Mishap]
05. J. Leone & Suker - Caos [Beat by ForXsample Beats]
06. Jota - Siempre Viejo [Beat by I.M Funk]
07. Vito - Calor de invernadero [Beat by Kenke]
08. Luder - Efec (Beatbox Joint Interlude)
09. Dheformer - Gran Danes 1991 [Beat by Ortega Havoc]
10. Groove Drama - Falsos Beef [Beat by Groove Drama]
11. Fenaxiz - Balcony Sessions [Beat by Jobe Wan Kenobi]
12. Tocha Pro - Hechos
13. Anoder Vaina - Por Amor [Beat by por Sudakillah]
14. Swinn Da Example - Holy Ducketz
15. DeLaRue Squad - Estas palabras.. [Beat by Delorian]
16. J Dose - Metodos [Beat by Neomai from ForXsample Beats]
17. Zagnif Nori - Element 26 [Beat by Crucial The Guillotine]
18. Confidence - Miracle (Outro Joint)
19. Vito - Fargo (Yote Jazz Remix) (Bonus Track)

Da Bruze Bruvaz (Him-Lo & Clever One) (Compilation) (2013)

01. Cage Match
02. Cheerz
03. Chinese Horse Fist
04. Dental Workz
05. Dshyt
06. First Round
07. Food or Water
08. Heist N Boost
09. Hot Gritz
11. Jekyl N Hyde
12. King Kobra Monster
13. Life on the Streets (Remix)
14. Neutrinz
15. Real Talk (Chip Raw)
16. Slice of Death
17. Super Friends
18. Switch Bladez
19. Underground Beat Compilation
20. Unsportsman Like Conduct
21. Vandalism
22. What It Iz Brother Lo (Remix Pt. 1)
23. White Rabbit
24. Woolrich (Preview)

Trellion & Figment - The Shadow People (2013)

"The Shadow People" is a collaborative misadventure from Trellion, Figment and Third Person Lurkin. Figment and TPL had been carving music together, along side Sheffield MC Force, under the name 'DeadBeat' as far back as 2003. Trellion's 'Dive By Night', which was also featured predominantly TPL productions, dropped in 2010 and also heavily featured Figment. Work on the "The Shadow People" began around this time.

Although most of what took place during those years has descended into legend and myth, it's safe to say TPL made some ill beats and Trellion and Figment became "Hooded Figure" and "Hat Man" and rapped on them. Some weird and cryptic slang emerged, islands and cities rose out of the Lunar Seas and a mythology was born. Then the album disappeared. Into a whole in the ocean. People spoke of the ill fated "Shadow People" album but few had ever heard it.

Years passed... albums, EPs and singles dropped but there was no sign of the "Shadow People"

'They shall not see us'

Then we got a call from a deep sea excavation vessel stationed off the coast of nowhere. They had discovered a barrel labeled- "Shadow People" DO NOT OPEN.

We opened it..

Graveyard Shifter - Live from Post Apocalyptia (2013)

Demigodz - Worst Nightmare (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (2013)

Beat: DJ Premier
Order of Appearance: Apathy, Ryu, Blacastan, Esoteric, Motive, Celph Titled
Cuts: DJ Premier
Video: Wicked Woods Studios
Directed & Edited: "Open" Mike & Greg LaRose

The Jotaka & Rob-Rod - Rabia Brava (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (2013)

Beat: WormX
Video Edit: DJ Coach 1

R.A. The Rugged Man - The People's Champ (Single) (2013)

R.A. The Rugged Man presents the first single off his new album "Legends Never Die," in stores everywhere on April 30th 2013. Track produced by Apathy with intro by Rampage.

Pre-Order HERE !!

Swollen Members - Inception (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (2013)