G-Mo Skee - FiLTHMAS ORiGiNS (The Prequel) [Beat by C-Lance) (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2013)

Dope Antelope - 2013 (Compilation) (2013)

Jak Tripper - Busted Boiler EP (2013)

Father Focus Confucius - 20​,​000 Leagues Over the Sea (2013)

Шаен a​.​k​.​a. Cheyenne - Cradle of Asia (Re​-​Issue) (2013)


Sultan Mir - Sul Food Beat Tape Vol​.​1 (2013)

Fubar & DJ Rhum'1 - Fight Song (ft. Baby Jayne) - Cuts by DJ Modesty (Single) (2013)

Lenguarmada - Ausencia De Luz (2013)

Atma & Son of Saturn - Twelve Meridians (ft. Lone Ninja) (2013)

Akashik Ancestorz - Imaginarium (ft. June Marx, Lone Ninja, Riishii G7) [Beat by Amos The Ancient Prophet] (MUSIC VIDEO) (2013)

Zeblak Presents: Rapocalypse Vol. 4 (2013)


Demonios Sekt - From North to South of Hell Vol. 5 (2013)


Alzymerz - The Devil's Poetry (2013)

Diabolic - Fighting Words (Studio Sessions Episodes 1 & 2)

Sub-con5cience - Sub​-​terranean: Features from beneath your feet​.​.​.​.​a collab album (2013)

Neph - The Black Box EP (2013)

James Dean - The Seven Devils (ft. Billy Ballantine, Godilla, Cap Cizza, Rez The Silverback, James Dean, Ixion Form, Ghetto MC) (Single) (2013)

Various Artists - Dark Christmas (Compilation) (2013)

Fndaf - El Culto Oculto (Instrumentals) (2013)

Lego - The Rendition (2013)

DJ Izzy - Strach (2013)


Lex D vs Psycoses (Casual Conflicts Rap Battle) (2013)

Шаен aka Cheyenne - Templars (ft. The Jotaka, Verb, Schyzo & Fubar) (MUSIC VIDEO) (2013)

A-Wall & Dr. Strange - Times 10 [Beat by Rez The Sliverback] (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2013)

ThatkidnamedCee - Promo Skratch EP (2010)

Jess the Facts & Blue Buttonz - Represent Science (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2013)

Loose Logic - Loosid Dreams Vol. 2 (2013)

Epidemic - Mic Masters [Beat by Esco] (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2013)


Fubar & DJ Rhum'1 Present: Wrath of the Fallen Open Verse Contest (2013)


Fubar & DJ Rhum'1 are proud to announce the WRATH OF THE FALLEN "OPEN VERSE" CONTEST. The song which will be used is titled "The Outer Limits" and the final version of the track will include cuts from ThatkidnamedCee.


1. To qualify you must get 5 friends to like the our respective fan pages: www.facebook.com/fubarMC & www.facebook.com/djrhumI .. you will need to have your friends post "sent by ______________".
2. You are required to upload your entry via YouTube or SoundCloud and e-mail the link to fubar1997@hotmail.com or djrhum1@live.fr for review.
3. All entries must be submitted by Sunday, December 28th, 12:00pm (CST) to be eligible to win.
4. The contest is supposed to have 1 winner but if there are 2 great entries and we are unable to decide a winner, we may be forced to extend the beat and feature 2 artists on the song.


1. Will be featured on the album "Wrath of the Fallen" (on the song "The Outer Limits").
2. Physical copies of both "Shark Infested Waters" and "Wrath of the Fallen".
3. An artist profile post and separate "interview" post on both Fubar's Blog and Underground Hardcore Rap.
4. Free beat from DJ Rhum'1 as well as a free verse from Fubar to use as you like.

NOTE: even if you don not win, you will still be able to use the track with your verse on it for whatever project you'd like.


Fubar's Top 5 (November) (2013)

In no particular order, here are the top 5 releases (my favorites) for the month of November, 2013. Please keep in mind that this does not mean that every other release from November was no good. I also want to mention that this doesn't mean every album was released in November, it only means that I happened to come across it or became aware of its existence around that time.

"Class Struggle"

Epidemic & Dreamtek
"The Bassment Tapes Vol. 1: Write To Remain Violent"

Task Force
"Music From The Corner Vol. 5"

June Marx
"Invisible Wars"

Speciez & Profound
"Thoughts Out The Window With No Parachute"


Goblin Nation
"The Omnipresence"


NoEmotion - Inward N-Word (Coon Trap) [Beat by Fat Tone] (2013)

MystiGal - The MystiMeaner Collective Mixtape Vol. 1 (2013)

Rocheed Cairns - Warfare (ft. Eskr-One) [Beat by Sinima Beats] (Single) (2013)

Sleep (2 Man Cypher) - The Hope (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2013)

Aslan Presentz - The French Legion (2013)

Fndaf - fNdAnTe'S iNfErNo (2013)

Шаен aka Cheyenne - Valley of the Masters (2013)

Bekay - All For The Cash (from DJ J-Ronin Freestyle Files Vol. 2) (2013)

We get a visual from Bekay doing what he does best, rapping his ass off bar after bar but with a bit more of a relaxed, yet lethal flow over the classic beat by DJ Premier "All for the Cash" originally crafted for Guru (R.I.P.) This joint is featured on J-Ronin's highly acclaimed "Freestyle Files Vol 2" which also boasts appearances from Rah Digga, Buckshot, Tragedy Khadafi, Diabolic, Ras Kass, Lil Fame of MOP, Boot Camp Click, Planet Asia, and many more notable legendary and relevant up and coming A list emcee's. Be opn the lolok out for more Bekay music as he preps for his LP "SURVIVORMAN" which is produced entirely by rising production camp "Alter" out of France and boasts features by Kool G Rap, Masta Ace and many underground legends, staples, and up and comers, as well as commercially known names.

Mark Deez & Kanis Lu - Of Beasts & Men (Remix Contest) (2013)

Ghostryder - 1st Amendment (2013)

Apostolus - Moment of Madness (2013)

Majin - Nothing Lives! (Single) (2013)