Sleep - Purgatory [Beat by Dope Antelope] (Single) (Free Download) (2013)

Scud One - Lost Tapes (2013)

Fat Squad - Fat Squad (2013)

Revolution of the Mind - All We Ask Is Trust / New Mourning [Beat by Snowgoons] (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2013)

BeatAHoe vs Sadida - Lesgimix (2013)

C.R.E.E.P.S. (​Rated R & Jive Cuttah) - Continually Re​-​Living Every Episode Post Suicide (2013)

Cocaine Chris - Statistics [Beat by Dope Antelope] (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2013)

Cain, one half of Cincinnati rap group 2-Man Cypher, and online supergroup THE FRATERNITY. Tells the story of how growing up as a statistic in the lower class urban society can effect how ones life can turn for the worse with little to no options. "Statistics" is the first video off the "Cain & Glory" album from Cain.

Directed by Hazeboy of Haze Effect Films
Produced by Dope Antelope
Album free download at cocainechris513.bandcamp.com

Activiz - Gold Design EP (2013)


Dark ChamberZ - Intrinsic Epoch (2013)

01. Intro [Beat by Crucifix UZ]
02. Intrinsic Epoch [Beat by Crucifix UZ]
03. Black Mirror Curse [Beat by Crucifix UZ]
04. Shift in Consciousness [Beat by Crucifix UZ]
05. Blind Eye of the Creator [Beat by 3rd Eye]
06. Rage Of Unseen Spirits (ft. Fubar & Onse) [Beat by Crucifix UZ]
07. Soldiers of Fortune and the Treasure of the Black Sky (ft. Refilwe & Sikadelik) [Beat by Crucifix UZ]
08. Tower of Rome [Beat by Crucifix UZ]

Majin - Memoirs of a Reaper EP (2012)

Da Eremitez Fam & WTCF Present: SUNderground Vol. 1 (2013)

Sleep - The Stage Fright EP (2013)

Eskr-One - Black Ops (ft. Roch) [Beat by BeatAHoe] (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2013)

Benihana Kenobi - Blood Merchants (ft. Gore Elohim) (MUSIC VIDEO) (2013)

Beat by Rob The OddOne
Cuts by JabThaKut
Mixed & Mastered by Chapter 7


Speciez & Profound - Thoughts Out The Window With No Parachute (2013)

Task Force - Music From The Corner Vol. 5 (2013)

01. Intro
02. Indie Anna
03. God's Fire on a Summer Night
04. Esp
05. Land of Thunder (Skit)
06. Shark Fin Soup
07. Money, Gold, Jewelry & More
08. Save Me!
09. Stanley Doppleganger
10. Sunless Lullaby
11. Soft Giants
12. The Observer (Skit)
13. Grey Mist
14. Butterfly Effect
15. Found a Way
16. Rocky's Speech (Skit)
17. Keep Moving
18. Blunted Razors
19. Love (Skit)
20. Another Day

Killa Impact - Rhymeology (2013)

Leftside Deafinit (LSD) - Half Way Saint (MUSIC VIDEO) (2013)

Kwote1 - Different Block, Same City​ (2013)

Baron Samedi - The Sewermouth Sessions (2013)

Divine Rights - Selftitled (2011)

Divine Rights - Friday Freeness (2012)

Majin & Poison Flowerz - Project Alpha (2013)

Kue The Vandal - Open Letter [Beat by Dope Antelope] (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2013)

Past One - Full Gear (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2013)


Zen Studentz - Reptar Bar Special (2013)

4th Assassin - Anthology (2013)

Esoteric & Stu Bangas - Ease Up (ft. Planetary, Reef the Lost Cauze & Blacastan) (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2013)

Wide Eyes & Phillip Morris - The Sick and the Dead (2013)

La Douille (ft. Soper & Ashka) - Nique Ton Comerciale (2013)

Jus Daze - Walk Twice As Hard (2013)

Image - Cryptomundo (2013)

2 Witnesses (ft. Killah Priest) - Third Eye [Beat by Trilian] - Cuts by DJ TMB (Single)

Snowgoons - Black Snow 2 (ft. Apathy, Sicknature, Celph Titled & Ill Bill) (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2013)

Rukas & Dekay - So Underrated (2013)

NoEmotion - Willy's Wet Dream [Beat by Sleepy Tech]

Halfwit - Amnesia (ft. Morbid Complex & Goretex) (MUSIC VIDEO) (2013)

NoEmotion - Genital Genius [Beat by Chize]


Fubar & The Jotaka - Sharp Tongue vs The Perverse (Remix Album) (2013)

01. Intro [Beat by Cleno Jovanni]
02. Tomb of Horrors (ft. Sikadelik) [Beat by Edd Bundy]
03. Blood Crawl (ft. Verb) [Beat by Explicito]
04. Sword of Damocles (ft. RyPa) [Beat by Kachin]
05. Valley of the Emperors (ft. Kwote1) [Beat by DJ Coach 1]
06. Dead by Dawn (Interlude) [Beat by The Soul Beat Assassinator]
07. All The Time (ft. Ascian, Onse) [Beat by Shu Melody]
08. Forged in Chaos (ft. Lenguarmada) [Beat by Artifact]
09. Dwell in Darkness (ft. Alpha Sigma) [Beat by DJ Rhum'1]
10. Armor of Vengeance (ft. Cheyenne, Secret Swords) [Beat by Voider-One]
11. Riders of the Dark [Beat by Dseize]
12. Outro [Beat by MHandBack]

01, 02, 03, 05, 07, 08, 09, 11, 12 - Cuts by DJ Coach 1

entirely mixed & mastered by DJ Coach 1
Cover by Kachin


Red Martina - Intransit (2013)

Coal Cash - Ahead Of My Time [Beat by Hex Looper] (Single) (2013)

Sikadelik - The Sorcerer [Beat by Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha] (MUSIC VIDEO) (2013)

Coach One & Pure Doze - Praise & Amaze (ft. Marcanum X & Sikadelik) (MUSIC VIDEO) (2013)

Album available in stores online or in Germany

Mixed & mastered by Coach One & Pure Doze (Germany)
Ovaseas Movement & Too Strong
Song titled Praise & Amaze by Coach One (Producer) & Pure Doze (Emcee)
Featuring Sikadelik (Canada) & Marcanium X (USA)
Cuts by DJ Coach One
Buy the Album here - LINK

The album features: Planetary (AOTP), Reef The Lost Cauze (AOTP), Adlib (BaxWar), Fubar, LMNO, Menace O.B.E.Z., The Jotaka Perverse, Sarah, Sevenfire Phoenix, Lord Lhus, Pacewon, Frau Zorn, Miss Phaze, Dark Guerilla Chato, Benihana Kenobi, Joe Frazier, Bimes Ill, Copywrite, Atom One, Krumb Snatcha, Marcanum X, Sikadelik, Clif G, Kid Da Bully, Nic Nasty, Jus-P

Sunken Sounds - Enter the Underground 13 (Nightmare on Every Beat) (Album on YouTube) (2013)

Dr. Creep - Planet 2020 [Beat by Sultan Mir] - Cuts by DJ TMB (Single) (2013)

Directed by 3X!L3
Video editing by Dr. Creep

Single from the upcoming Dr. Creep album titled "Annihilation & Transformation"

Mani Deïz - Autistic Machine (2013)

Adlib - Lawless (ft. Madchild) [Beat by Reign Supreme] - Cuts by DJ TMB

Ralph The Architek - RawFare (ft. Ilohshix, Young & Diabolic) (Single) (2013)

Serial Killers (Xzibit, B-Real, Demrick) - Wanted (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2013)

Intention - All Hollows (2013)


Goblin Nation - The Omnipresence (2013)


Verb & MC Oneline - Off The Bench Vol. 1 (2013)

Fubar - "Pray For Dawn" (ft. Copywrite) [Beat by DJ Coach 1] (MUSIC VIDEO) (2013)

1st single from Fubar's upcoming album titled "The Legend of Sharp Tongue"
Video edited by Fubar

A.P.S.S. - From Da Tombs (2013)

Optext - Face Mask Funk (2013)

June Marx - Invisible Wars (Album Sampler) (2013)

Lo Fi album sampler for "Invisible Wars" which is the upcoming 4th official full length album from June Marx

Sunken Sounds - Enter the Underground 13 (Nightmare on Every Beat) (2013)


Los Cucuys (Verb & Fubar) - Los Cucuys Vol. 1 (Mediafire Link) (2013)

Action Bronson & Party Supplies - Blue Chips 2 (2013)

Serial Killers (Xzibit, B Real & Demrick) - Serial Killers Vol. 1 (2013)

Epidemic & Dreamtek - The Bassment Tapes Vol. 1: Write To Remain Violent (2013)

Kue The Vandal - Power [Beat by Dope Antelope] (Single) (2013)

Shushi (ft. Danez, Army of Darkness & DJ Madhandz) - Hard Feelings [Beat by Megiddo] (Single) (2013)

Text/Voice: Shushi, Mordecai, Danez, Jigsaw
Cuts: DJ Madhandz
Instrumental/mix/master: Megiddo
Artwork : Red.DrΔgon Ltd.

Rez The Silverback - Prelude to the Machine EP (2013)

Reel Wolf Presents: The Underworld

Featuring Apathy, Bizarre, Celph Titled, PMD & Sean Strange (of The Goondox), ILL Bill, King Gordy, Reef the Lost Cauze, SID (of metal band Slipknot), Slaine, Swifty Mcvay, Tech N9ne & Vinnie Paz

Beat Produced by: Sentury Status
Scratches by: DJ Eclipse (of Non Phixion)

Video Credits:

Directed/Produced/Edited by: Tom Vujcic
Executive Produced by: J.F. Martin & Amir Radi
Cinematography by: Matt Cree, J.F. Martin, Delaney Siren & Dave Stuart
VFX by: Dave Cadiz
Associate Producers: Bill Mak & Stephen MacDonald
Production Assistants: Aleks Antic & Ryan Fitzmaurice

2032 - Earth Analog (2013)

Sludge Brothers - Defiled EP (2013)

Bekay - Idol [Beat by Alterbeats] (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2013)

Gordo Templi - Return of the Dusty Plates (2013)

J-Scriptz - The Vent [Beat by Dope Antelope]

Benihana Kenobi - B for Bendetta [Beat by J-Nyce] - Cuts by DJ Riseone (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Mixed and Mastered by Chapter 7
Video by Toast 187