Crown of Grim Reaperz - Pieces To The Puzzle (2014)

Triple Darkness - Reanimation (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2014)

Poetic Death & Kwervo - The Poet and The Raven (2014)

The Jotaka & Menace O.B.E.Z. - Dark Paradise (2014)

Rukas - The Mirror Writer (2014)

Plague Plenty - Eye of the Needle (2014)

The Fraternity - Blood Brothers (ft. Loose Logic, Jus Ra, Frank Knight, Phasewon) [Beat by The Gonz] (Single) (2014)

Kue The Vandal - The Anti-Christ [Beat by Dope Antelope] - Cuts by DJ Madhandz (2014)

Argento - Mourning of the Dead (2014)

Onyx - WakeDaFucUp (ft. Dope D.O.D.) [Beat by Snowgoons] (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2014)

DJ Kinetics - Burn Notice (2014)

Wu-Tang Clan - Y'all Been Warned (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Sikadelik - One Shot [Beat by COF] (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2014)

Atmosphere - Bob Seger (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2014)

Jak Tripper (ft. Beatahoe) - Mudwork (2014)

Bar Bender - No God Near (ft. Nero The King) [Beat by Carolus Rex] (2014)

Wu-Worldwide DJ's & DJ D.Wiz Present: N.E.W.S. 4 (2014)

Synesthesia Records - Shotgun Carousel (2014)

Sick Digger - Overlords (2014)

Intention - Mars Won (2014)

Charlie D vs JusJosh (Battle) (2014)


Kryptic - Realm of Chaos (2014)

Goblin Nation - Dream (John Steady, Sadida, Domes Boogie) (Single) (2014)

KlideDaBeast - My Flight Freestyle (2014)

M-Acculate & N95 - M​-​Acculate's Conception (2014)

Lord Lhus Beat Contest (DJ Rhum'1 Entry) (2014)

Verbal Kent - Sound of the Weapon (Pre-Order) (2014)

Raekwon - House of Flying Daggers (ft. Inspectah Deck, Gza, Ghostface Killah & Method Man) (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2009)

Directed By Erick Sasso and Brian Wendelken
Video Illustration By 1000styles
Video Animation By Ryan Johnson and Drew Taylor
Video Produced By Chain Gang Productions and Larry Bernardo of LB Productions

The video also features an original score from Envy On The Coast and an animated cameo from Ryan Hunter as "The Hunter"

Ill Bill - Acid Reflux [Beat by Large Professor] (2013)

Shadow People - Collage of Chaos (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2014)

Ramson Badbonez - In Da Blitz Time (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2014)

Verbal Kent - Sammy Sosa [Beat by Khrysis] (2014)

Fade2Dead - Deadly Silence (Mixed by DJ Kinetics) (2014)

Leftside Deafinit (LSD) - StoneDeaf LP (2014)

Rez The Silverback - In 2 The Night [Beat by Father Focus Confucius] (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2014)

C-Rayz Walz - Almighty: The Solar Facts (2013)


Fubar's Top 5 (January) (2014)

In no particular order, here are the top 5 releases (my favorites) for the month of January, 2014. Please keep in mind that this does not mean that every other release from December was no good (also, this is solely "my" opinion). I also want to mention that this doesn't mean every album was released in January, it only means that I happened to come across it or became aware of its existence around that time.

"Dim The Light"

"And You're Back In The Room EP"

Lord Lhus
"Rare Demos & Collabs"

Rated R vs Trilian
"Audio Onslaught 2"

YC The Cynic