Enlightened Soulz - The Cosmic Deities (2013)

01. Intro
02. Black Box (ft. Joey Menza) [Beat by Gordo Templi]
03. Giants of Metropolis (ft. Gordo Templi, Divine Stylez & Dr. VooDoo) [Beat by Gordo Templi]
04. Game Of Thrones (ft. Life Scientist) [Beat by Scientific]
05. Subconscious Catacombs (ft. Kalki & Secret Swords) [Beat by Aquarius Minded] - Sample by Soul Shinobi
06. Cosmic Hums (ft. Gordo Templi, Divine Stylez & Dr. VooDoo) [Beat by Gordo Templi]
07. Apothesis (ft. Cosmic Tribe of Fable) [Beat by Pro P]
08. Acidic Linguistics (ft. Dr. VooDoo, Gordo Templi & Divine Stylez) [Beat by Gifted Strangers] - Cuts by Rise One
09. Deaf March (ft. Bliss) [Beat by DeeAre]
10. Invaders from Asgard (Viking Warriors) (ft. Gordo Templi, Divine Stylez, Supreme The Truth, Fubar, Dr. Voodoo) [Beat by Blaq Masq] - Cuts by MadHandz
11. Flaming Sword (ft. Cosmic Mellanin) [Beat by Pro P]
12. Cosmic Chef (ft. Secret Swords) [Beat by 3rd Chambah]
13. Murderous (ft. Dr. Voodoo) [Beat by Big Rediculus]
14. Soul Vibrations (ft. Gordo Templi, Divine Stylez, Dr. Voodoo) [Beat by Divine Stylez]
15. Capitol Hill (ft. M.A.B, Life Scientist, Divine Styles, Gordo Templi, Maximus the Mantis, Secret Swords, Bliss) [Beat by Dirty Def]

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