Trellion & Figment - The Shadow People (2013)

"The Shadow People" is a collaborative misadventure from Trellion, Figment and Third Person Lurkin. Figment and TPL had been carving music together, along side Sheffield MC Force, under the name 'DeadBeat' as far back as 2003. Trellion's 'Dive By Night', which was also featured predominantly TPL productions, dropped in 2010 and also heavily featured Figment. Work on the "The Shadow People" began around this time.

Although most of what took place during those years has descended into legend and myth, it's safe to say TPL made some ill beats and Trellion and Figment became "Hooded Figure" and "Hat Man" and rapped on them. Some weird and cryptic slang emerged, islands and cities rose out of the Lunar Seas and a mythology was born. Then the album disappeared. Into a whole in the ocean. People spoke of the ill fated "Shadow People" album but few had ever heard it.

Years passed... albums, EPs and singles dropped but there was no sign of the "Shadow People"

'They shall not see us'

Then we got a call from a deep sea excavation vessel stationed off the coast of nowhere. They had discovered a barrel labeled- "Shadow People" DO NOT OPEN.

We opened it..

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