Fubar - Return of the Chosen

01. God Bless You (ft. Flux) [Beat by Flux]
02. Sick is the Status [Beat by PhiLogic]
03. Return of the Chosen [Beat by PhiLogic]
04. Gods Among Men (ft. Flux, Kannibal Kwake) [Beat by MUD!]
05. v/m Messages (Skit)
06. Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde [Beat by PhiLogic]
07. Arts & Crafts (ft. Flux) [Beat by PhiLogic]
08. Road to Perdition (ft. Flux) [Beat by Fubar]
09. The Pumpkin Song [Beat by Fubar]
10. Outroduction [Beat by JQ]
11. Outroduction 2 (ft. Wordsplay, JQ) [Beat by JQ]
12. Sick is the Status (Remix) [Beat by Fubar]
13. Arts & Crafts (Remix) [Beat by Fubar]
14. Arts & Crafts (Flanger Remix) [Beat by PhiLogic]

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