Caprot - The Dragon (Mixtape)

01. Intro [Beat by LunaticK]
02. Cap's Creed [Beat by LunaticK]
03. Ask The World (ft. Sick Invite)
04. Part of the Underground
05. Rhyme & Reason (ft. Apostolus)
06. 44 Bars
07. The Dragon
08. Calamitous Duo (ft. Apostolus)
09. Lyrical Manslaughter (ft. Killa T)
10. Theoretically Breathing Flame (ft. Chaos Theory)
11. TeamBackPack Contest Entry (Bonus Track)

Caprot - "A Bit of Fun" (Episode 1)

Be sure to stay tuned to his YouTube channel for the "A Bit of Fun" episodes which should be posted every week while he works on future releases !!!




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