Fubar & Supreme the Truth - "The Ghouls Within" (1st Single) (Listen in HD)

1st single from upcoming album titled "Impending Doom" which is a collaboration project from Fubar representing Shark Brothers Label, Demonios Sekt & OvaSeas Movement along with Supreme the Truth representing Goldminded Records.

Beat: High Chief
Cuts: DJ Joon
Mix & Master: MoTioN
Artwork: Kachin

Supreme Truth:

I wield a sword and a battered shield in this battle field
I grapple with jackals 'til they scatter and yield
keep a gat concealed, I'm ready to bust lead
the knotty natty natural dread leaving faggot rappers dead
never trust feds, I dual with djinns
while simultaneously dualing with the ghouls within
drop jewels of sin and throw grenades of fury
and cut up my vegetables with blades of glory
it's bigger then the block, I pop glocks, it's blatant
I was hand picked by by Jah to come box with Satan
remain unbeaten, stand witness as men drop
firing off dart tips dipped in hemlock
spit gems hot, so son don't make a sound
have you spine on the ground when I put my foot down
it's deeper then the booth, remain righteous as a youth
step into the vortex, you can't deny the truth..


dual of the iron mics, I am fueled by a guiding light
cruel with a giant knife, rule like a tyrant might
I never make deals
the path I've chosen is treacherous, devastates wheels
weapon is godly, it penetrates shields
eat once a day, never separate meals
on the day of your judgment plagues I'ma summon
listen for seven sounds I play on my trumpet
I'ma spit 'til the age of a hundred
until then, enemies will face deconstruction
they'll blow up, with a grenade in their stomach
it's useless trying to escape from my dungeon
called for battle, and I instantly came forth
skill level shows I've been spitting since age four
living to wage war, swinging a claymore
addicted to blood, that's why I'm licking the blade for..

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