Analyst - Inner Demons

01. The Devil [Beat by Pro P]
02. Pass The Mic [Beat by Pete Cannon]
03. Put Ya Hands Up [Beat by Naive]
04. Drugs [Beat by Plastic Surgeon]
05. 4 Coarse Meal (ft. Wordsmith, Lego & GnT) [Beat by Naive]
06. Can't Get Out [Beat by Pro P]
07. Spaced Out [Beat by Pro P]
08. Hot & Cold (ft. Mic Dyson) [Beat by Naive]
09. Stressed Out [Beat by Pete Cannon]
10. The Anthem (ft. Cruger, Eurgh & Chronicle) [Beat by Pro P]
11. I Need Help [Beat by Naive]
12. Amature Dramatics [Beat by Pro P]
13. Interlekt [Beat by Pro P]
14. Facets (ft. GnT) [Beat by Pro P]
15. Far Away Dreams [Beat by Pro P]

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