Sikadelik - A New Kind of Haunting (2012)

Artwork By: Kachin

01. Intro! (New Kind of Haunting)
02. Stories (ft. Epik) [Beat by IntroDark]
03. Rap's Just a Little Part of Me [Beat by 2Deep]
04. Mental Warzone [Beat by 2Deep]
05. Instinct to Kill (ft. J-crawf) [Beat by Denson]
06. Not From This World [Beat by IntroDark]
07. The One Sent (24 Bars) [Beat by 2Deep]
08. Game of War (ft. Mystik)
09. Engine of Darkness [Beat by Denson]
10. Cold Blooded (ft. Rip The Rippa) [Beat by 2Deep]
11. Dead Silence (ft. BRobb, IntroDark, Sandman) [Beat by 2Deep]
12. Devil's Night (ft. BRobb) [Beat by The Dark Orchestra]
13. Last Chapter (ft. LilJ) [Beat by Denson]
14. Outro! (It's Alive!) [Beat by IntroDark]

06, 10, 11 - Cutz by IntroDArk


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