Task Force - MFTC (Fubar's Top Picks)

Compilation of songs (personal favorites) from all 4 volumes of Task Force's "Music From The Corner" (MFTC) releases. As you may or may not be aware of, volume 5 is currently being recorded and should be done by the end of this year. Enjoy this compilation and buy the new album when it is released !!

01. It's Over
02. Skarecrowz
03. It's Hard
04. Visual Eyes
05. Chop Chop
06. Sat There
07. Still Bombing
08. So Loco
09. Dreams on a Big Scale
10. March of the Beatnicks
11. Farewell Tidings
12. No-One Knows
13. Yesterday's Hellhole
14. Muftuk
15. Ground Hog Day
16. B.O.D. (Better Off Dead)
17. Catch Phrase Games
18. The Blocks

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