The Jotaka & Onse - The Chaos Theory Vol. 2

Struggling (ft. Menace O.B.E.Z, Fubar, Zonah, Filthy Tarantino) [Beat by Righteouz Knight]

01. Intro – Chaos Theory [Prod. by Lighttown Shadow]
02. Struggling (ft. Menace O.B.E.Z, Fubar, Zonah & Filthy Tarantino) [Prod. by Righteouz Knight]
03. Sad Dayz (ft. Cerebral Hyper & Irrefutable) [Prod. by Vice Versa]
04. Take Me To Your Leader (ft. Menace O.B.E.Z, Verb & Ascian) [Prod. by Righteouz Knight]
05. Siniestra Que Ni Para [Prod. by Onse]
06. Good Old Dayz (ft. Fubar) [Prod. by Jr. Makhno]
07. Our Guilty Pens [Prod. by WormX]
08. Back From Hell (ft. Dark Guerrilla Chato) [Prod. by SixFire]
09. Eclats [Prod. by Phobos]
10. The Agez of Time (ft. Skull Damage, Life Scientist & Cheyenne) [Prod. by Righteouz Knight]
11. Minefields (ft. Gnz) [Prod. by Onse]
12. The Beyond (ft. Rob-Rod) [Prod. by Sannyasin]
13. Cuervos Feos [Prod. by Onse]
14. Voyage Au Bout De l’Enfer (ft. Morning Star, Bimes Ill & SAI) [Prod. by Righteouz Knight]
15. Point Qui Fait Tâche (ft. 6th Killer) [Prod. by Phobos]
16. Broken Heart [Prod. by Onse]
17. Pouring Rain [Prod. by Onse]
18. Don’t Take My Dreamz (ft. Pro Graveface, Sai & Rob-Rod) [Prod. by Righteouz Knight]
19. My Loss [Prod. by Onse]

Cutz by DJ Coach 1 - 1, 4, 5, 6, 18

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