Anti Copyright & Censorship Compilation

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Contact: DJ Resistance

If you enjoy the freedom the internet gives artists and want to keep it that way then please support this cause by spreading the word about this compilation !!

The fight is not over yet!! SOPA & PIPA legislation is still being discussed in congress!! We need to continue making noise about it and that noise needs to be loud enough for them to here!!! Sign petitions, write to you MP and other representatives and support this compilation!!!

If this legislation passes, the government will have control over when, where and what can and can't be on the internet. File sharing sites will be shut down. Your blog or social network site could be breaking copyright laws. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube will all be limited and advert heavy, these are powerful networking tools that could be taking away from us in seconds, that's too much power for the government to have!!!

It is so important that we UG/DIY artists conserve and protect the internet any way we can, we need to be able to share what ever we like FREELY and OPENLY. If we let this pass THEY will control our culture, If we keep the internet as our OWN then WE will control OUR culture!!! Research what ACTA is and do what ever is in your power to prevent this from happening, thank you and FUCK ACTA, SOPA and PIPA!!!

Any and all proceeds will be going to:

Blood in the Mobile

If you want on, just ask!!

Still looking for a few more acts for this compilation. If you make electronic music of any kind or know someone who does, let them know!

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