Fubar - Bird of Prey

1st single from my upcoming album set to be released soon and will be available for FREE DOWNLOAD on my Bandcamp page. Beat by Space N Veda aka Sacred Age representing Stone Poets. Cuts by DJ Coach One representing OvaSeas Movement & Demonios Sekt.

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let me give you a quick introduction
i torture enemies, forgive my injustice
want to know the reason i grin while i bludgeon?
i was possessed, i only did as instructed
spectacles that'll make you sick to your stomach
carpet made out of human skin in my dungeon
shoot you in the lips with a musket
when i'm done, your mom wouldn't even want to kiss you in public
underground, cause my concepts are dark
while others out there spitting nonsense are stars
lacerate flesh, the tip of my sword's sharp
hannibal lecter but my vision is more dark
i live with a torn heart
slave to the blades of chaos, look what they did to my forearms
my past is a mystery, twisted and born scarred
make your head explode, i'm the fist of the north star ..

your beats are wack, and verses ain't shit
i'll kick you with a hurricane kick 'til your vertabrae splits
got a knife to increase the murder rate with
i'm the epitome of what a bird of prey is
causing time and space to unravel
you'll be able to witness beethoven play the piano
understand, you are taking a gamble
face me in battle and you will leave with a face full of shrapnel
fuck my fans, brought a fork to my last show
showed absolutely no remorse while i stabbed throats
you can't fuck with the sound that i bring
surrender your weapon of choice .. and bow to the king
thousands of things, running through my head at the same time
one is to stab you with the edge of a steak knife
you will be impressed with the blade size
make an incision from the top of your chest to your waist line ..

dark intentions, you can either start to exit
or make sure that you guard the entrance
every day i starve, i'm restless
got a parasite embedded inside my large intestine
utilize my third eye when i visualize
various multi-syllable rhymes that i intertwine
lines i'ma spit tonight are knifes made of kryptonite
dooms day on the mic, it's time that you improvise
i am bored of your wack flow
i was spitting multies the day i was born, i am that dope
nothing short of an asshole
yet people gravitate toward me with the force of a black hole
use the war hammer of thor when i smash domes
anger of the gods, i'm a storm that'll crash boats
arrive in battle riding a horse in attack mode
and take the excalibur sword to your back bone ..


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