Wyze Mindz - World Meltdown (Remix Album)

Graveyard Shifter - Project Metropolis

01. Genius Christ [Prod. by Wargod]
02. I Wage War [Prod. by King Horrorcore]
03. Paladin Soldier [Prod. by Wargod]
04. Batpod Race [Prod. by King Horrorcore]
05. H.I.M [Prod. by Wargod]
06. Sparta Galactus [Prod. by King Horrorcore]
07. Contrapocalypse [Prod. by Lord Zero]
08. Serpentine [Prod. by G Building]
09. Heaven or Slice [Prod. by Wargod]
10. Candy Face [Prod. by Wargod]
11. Ruger Tech [Prod. by King Verse]
12. The Fight [Prod. by M.O.D.]
13. Jeru Siren [Prod. by Falling Down]
14. Illoheim Phase [Prod. by King Horrorcore]
15. Escapee [Prod. by King Horrorcore]
16. Waterworld Desert [Prod. by Gneticz]
17. For the Street Life [Prod. by King Horrorcore]
18. A Man [Prod. by Wargod]
19. Project Metropol [Prod. by Wargod]
20. Eagle Uprising [Prod. by Nakmuay]
21. Won't Stop [Prod. by Wargod]
22. Hidden Track (Outro)

Amos The Ancient Prophet - The Collabos Vol. 3

1. Return Of The Warrior (ft. One Man Army)
2. Arctic Warrior (ft. Bomshot & Holocaust)
3. Battlegrounds of Sorrow (ft. Gage, Trust & White Lotus)
4. Bells Ring In Babylon (ft. Dr. Creep)
5. Brutality (ft. JahNigga Da BaptisT, Apakalypse & Beast 1333)
6. Night Of The Lending Dead (ft. Son Of Saturn, Life Scientist & Yedidyah Ben Sion)
7. Hellbound (ft. Vega X)
8. Veteran MC’s (ft. Fatha Death, En V & Frieze)
9. Disciples Of Babylon (ft. Sick Since, Omen-Ra, Cosmic Crusader, Rasul Allah, Atma & Son Of Saturn)
10. Sage’s Blade (ft. Riishii G7 & Vice Versa) - Cutz by DJ Extremidiz
11. Halls Of Torment (ft. Explicito & Jotaka)
12. The Metered Release (feat. Son Of Saturn)
13. Coven Of The Serpents Eye (ft. Aztech, Macabean The Rebel, Relentless & Vega X)
14. Murderers From Beyond (ft. Sick Since, Mighty Kalipssus & Se7enSandman)
15. Ancient Army (ft. One Man Army & Sinister Stricken)


Fubar's Blog Presents: Crazy Joints

This compilation consists of some of my favorite songs from underground artist. The purpose of this compilation is to expose you to some underground artists you may not have heard of that deserve recognition.
If you like what you hear, PLEASE support the artists who's songs are featured. Below are links for each artist ..


"Smoke That Shark" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

1st official track from Shark Brothers Label artists called "Smoke That Shark".

Beat by High Chief, cutz by DJ Twisted, vocals from Katha, Fubar & Iguan. Video made by DJ Rhum'1.

Shark Brothers is an underground independent label co-founded by High Chief (beatmaker) and DJ Rhum'1 (beatmaker, graphic designer & underground rap blogger). It is a collective of emcees, beatmakers & DJ's living with and for the same passion for underground rap. Members are Katha, Fubar, Iguan, High Chief, Soob, DJ Twisted, DJ Joon & DJ Rhum'1.

Shark Brothers Label (Website)
Shark Brothers Label (Facebook)


there is no escaping the most amazing
try counting the number of boats I'm claiming
your soul's forsaken, cold and shaking
flesh is getting torn, and bones are breaking
water turns the color red
send a rescue team in search of other deaths
eating barbed wire
open up my stomach and find license plates and car tires
circling a boat, anybody falls is in danger
situation calls for a prayer
prefer meat that is raw for the flavor
devastate flesh with a jaw full of razors
hate following the laws within nature
test the waters, you will all meet your maker
Fubar.. representing the Shark Brothers Label..
i'm a beast..


douleur faim ou bien être, quand devant toi on surgit
nos yeux ne laissent paraître, que notre instinct de survie
shark attaque, avale tout cru la mélodie
déchiqu'te la rythmique avec un féroce appétit
rouge sera le tapis, petit petit
le sonar nous indique, ta position exacte
juste la gueule à ouvrir bien grand avant d' passer à l'acte
tu comprendras très vite quelle place on occupe dans le rap
notrE territoire est vaste, s'étend aux 4 coins du globe
tu vas devoir courir si tu veux la peau d' mon zob
volatile comme le microbe, s'incrustant comme la mycose
sur les prods de high chief, nos rimes te mettent sous hypnose
on crée une sorte de psychose chez les intellectuels
car ils ne peuvent pas calculer à quel point on fout l' bordel
beaucoup n'achètent plus de disques depuis qu'on existe sur le net
car nos mixtapes sont gratuites, pour 2 clics je te la cède
pompe mon texte trou duc, je n' suis pas à la sacem
je n'enr'gistre pas en stud, ne râle pas pour les larsens
ne fais pas comme ce juge qui condamne les p'tits larcins
si j' plaide coupable sale pute c'est qu'on m'accuse d'êtrE malsain

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Dark Guerrilla Chato & Kwervo - God of W.A.R. EP

01. Intro (ft. DJ Coach One)
02. The 3 Headed Beast (ft. Ihtiram & Torner)
03. Dark Royalty
04. Endless Sins (ft. PCP)
05. Death’s Letter
06. Sick Dogz (ft. Dr.Creep, D-Cap & Labal-S)
07. Dark Pharaohs (ft. The Jotaka)
08. God Of W.A.R. (Weapons, Anarchy & Rebelz)


Rhytmund Freud - Profesia

01. Intro
02. Bajo Tus Pies
03. Angeles Y Demonios
04. Sobredosis
05. Jamas
06. Versos Y Botellas
07. Sudor Y Llanto
08. Interludio
09. Vuelve A Perder
10. Reos (ft. NKS)
11. Morir De Ansias
12. Grietas
13. Manana No Habra Ayer
14. Outro