ABCDE & Bambu Jessica

What do you get when you pair up two freaks of nature that everyone stares at ? ABCDE (ab-suh-dee) & Bambu Jessica. These distinctive looking creatures walking planet earth are not your everyday Mr. & Mrs. Smith. They are humble with souls that reflect love, yet their presence screams in your face with an addictive ricochet. You are probably wondering the typical 'who, what, where, when, why' ? The thing is, these non-earthly communicators have been sent here to pursue missions of their specific passions. Ambition's pedal floors the metal and according to the dynamic duo, they do not plan on stopping anytime soon.

Bambu Jessica, originally from Detroit, Michigan made a significant life and career move to Las Vegas, Nevada roughly 5 years ago to be a showgirl. This was not your ordinary showgirl though. When it comes to the Vegas showgirl business, they demand all of their ladies to look identical and sync together which made Bambu glow in a line up of the "norm". Apparently wild crazy hair and a body full of colorful, expressive tattoos wasn't the standard look for a showgirl but everyone else ate it up and applauded for more. Various auditions turned into part time gigs which soon layed out the cement for her very own foundation. She created her own lane in the entertainment business by mixing freestyle dance into her gogo dancing gigs with some circus inspired creativity. With Bambu's wild imagination, she likes to put on an extreme show filled with excitement and contrast. From classy, sexy and elegant her presentation of burlesque could turn into a hot, seductive fire show with explicit content strictly recommended for a mature audience. All of her different unique personalities make her 'one' beautiful angel with a playful side. She's definitely one of a kind with a "kick-ass-persona" ; you know those individuals you meet once and you never forget. The shockvalue and love of music that she has ties her in with ABCDE. As many heads as they turn you would swear the mass population would have severe neck pains.It is not an attempt. It's not a matter of trying. It's just, 'what they do'.

ABCDE (ab-suh-dee), reigning from Los Angeles, California moved to the 'City of Sin' early in 1993 so it is fair to say Las Vegas raised him with a deserted sense of the 'lifestyle'. Music was introduced to ABCDE all his life, considering his father was musically inclined and was in a 'jazz & blues' band. From performing at family parties and wedding receptions to entering little competitions here and there it instantly skyrocketed from just being a recreational hobby to an optimistic vision with a plan to execute. ABCDE has a witty 'misunderstood' style of his own. His image says 'Hollywood' but his lyrics say 'Life & Experience'. As one of the most underrated 'hated-on' MCs coming out of Vegas due to his punk rock-alternative "mohawk" look, he strongly stands as one of the 'most talented' lyricists to ever be blessed. The diversity of his sound range is impeccable and clearly states that he is 'one' of the higher up. With a stunning 15-inch-mohawk on top of a hip hop dancing punk-rockstar you got to expect necks to break looking back at that thing! It's a chick magnet, a monument of longevity and a walking 'aura of positivity'. At the same exact time, ABCDE walks as his very own billboard. People identify the mohawk from a distance which confirm and verify his 'trademark'. So when you spot a huge mohawk walking beside some wild pink-crazy-colorful hair, you can confirm both trademarks. ABCDE & Bambu Jessica are both 'welcomed-natives' from Las Vegas that have put in mass amounts of hard labor into their craft carving the initials of their legacy into the ground of history forever.



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