Filthy Tarantino - Death Sampler 1

01. Call Me Filthy T [Beat by Soulseller Beats]
02. Army of Darkness (ft. Iron Menace, O-Beast) [Beat by Mir the Bloody]
03. Filth (ft. Larry Flint, Grime, Iron Menace, O-Beast) [Beat by Larry Flint]
04. End of Days (ft. Iron Menace, O-Beast) [Beat by Blunted Sultan]
05. Nobody Likes Me (Remix) (ft. Iron Menace) [Beat by Soulseller Beats]
06. No Minds Alike (ft. Sireal, Quince, Iron Menace) [Beat by Ill Literacy]
07. Sombrios Dias (ft. Explicito) [Beat by Existence Beatmaker]
08. In My Veins (ft. Fortunato) [Beat by Soulseller Beats]
09. Resos Perversos (ft. The Jotaka, Katha) [Beat by Kwervo]

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