The Jotaka & DJ Coach 1 - Versos Perversos

01. Intro
02. Mente Enferma (ft. All In)
03. Bad to the Bone
04. Start Revolucion (Remix)
05. Everyday on the Street (ft. Johnny Bonano, Familia Pira Pura)
06. Leaders Lead (ft. Johnny Bonano, All In, Milz)
07. Dark Celebration
08. Goldfinger
09. Sniff of Beers (ft. All In)
10. Real Movement (ft. Menace O.B.E.Z, Pure Doze, Johnny Bonano, Topas, J-Frog the Virus, Verb, Fubar)
11. R.C.U.
12. Introducing the Illest (ft. Katha, Sai, Rob-Rod, Topas, Semmeia Verdade)
13. Replica PateTika (ft. Torner)
14. The Game is Over (ft. Johnny Bonano, Versos, Verb)
15. La Sekta (ft. Katha, All In)
16. La Sepultura
17. Visions (ft. Explicito, Ihon)
18. Night Walkers (ft. D-Cap, All In)
19. Trackz of my Tearz (ft. All In)
20. Outro

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