Alzymerz - Methods of Madness (2013)

"Track Marks"

01. Intro
02. The Diagnosis [Beat by Mogly] - Cuts by Judder
03. Methods of Madness [Beat by Keko]
04. Lock Jaw (ft. Kid Fade) [Beat by Olaf]
05. Back in the Day (ft. Cherie Sandoval) [Beat by Olaf]
06. Divine Intervention [Beat by Klive Kraven]
07. Who’s Sicker? [Beat by Mogly]
08. Track Marks [Beat by Luka]
09. Graphic Depictions (ft. J Nyce & Mr. Morbid) [Beat by J Nyce]
10. Creatures of the Night (ft. Icy Stares, Hood Kings & Mogly) [Beat by Mogly]
11. Blink of an Eye [Beat by Trilian]
12. Slaughterville (ft. Klive Kraven) [Beat by Klive Kraven] - Cuts by TMB
13. Bootleggers (ft. Society of Shadows) [Beat by Mogly]
14. Verbal Blades [Beat by Luka]
15. Psycho’s Mind (ft. Shallow Pockets) [Beat by Klive Kraven]
16. Interrogation (Skit) [Beat by Fundament]
17. Drunk & Disorderly [Beat by Fundament]
18. Children of Death (ft. True Grit, Donnie Menace, Anonamix, Kid Doms, Absoulut Karnage, Edd Bundy, Cyco, Nutkaze, DTACH, Mastamind & Klive Kraven) [Beat by Klive Kraven]
19. Reasons (ft. Cherie Sandoval) [Beat by P.R & Alzymerz] (Guitar by Joe Miley)

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