Icabod Chang - Sinister Sect (2012)

01. Introdiction
02. Behind Barz [Beat by Kut Masta Kurt]
03. Ottobiography (Doc Ock) [Beat by Funky Recordz]
04. True Grit (Flint Marko) [Beat by DJ Joon]
05. Super Villianous [Beat by Majikal-Hoz]
06. WCDB Live Bulletin (Lobo Skit)
07. The Sinister Six (ft. Mr. Phixit as Flint Marko, Sween as The Vulture, Skull Bludgeon as Mystereo, Teslas Ghost as Electro, Don Smog as Kraven The Hunter & Icabod Chang as Doc Ock [Beat by Amos The Ancient Prophet]
08. Outrodiction [Beat by S.P.O.D]

01, 08 - Cutz by DJ Joon
02, 05 - Cutz by DJ Twisted

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