24/7 - Room Full of Empty Bottles

Album entirely produced by Tony Mahoney. Support this dude. He's one of my favorite battlers (or was, he recently retired from battling) and his music is classic. You can listen to his album at the link below and download if you like what you hear. Tracks I recommend you listen to are "Point of No Return", "Screaming Walls", "My Apologies" and "Abandoned House". I can definitely relate to his bars ..


"anything in my path, I am set to kill / with no desire for the fame or a record deal / long lasting and forever real / you all didn't like me before, I'm here to make sure you never will"

‎"a mystical no-name / who's given up hope, with no intentions to admit that he won't change / inflicting his own pain / read some Hemingway, take a shot to the head and then listen to Cobain" ..

"and as you can see .. I don't care why y'all hate this / or if my songs make it / to your I-Pod playlists" ..

01. Anonymous Alcoholic (12 Step Program)
02. Last Call
03. The Underground (Pipe Dreams)
04. Point of No Return
05. Screaming Walls
06. The Never-ending Story of the Parasite
07. The Industry (Death to the White Man)
08. The Warden
09. My Apologies
10. Abandoned House
11. Battle Cry
12. Two-Way Mirror (Bonus Track)

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