J-Frog the Virus - Age of Anxiety

Age of Anxiety was written and recorded between 2007 and 2010 in Christchurch, New Zealand. It is a semi-autobiographical work that covers a period in the life of rapper J-Frog the Virus, namely his 20s.

Themes include drug abuse and mental illness, self loathing and youth disillusionment. Active on the underground Christchurch Hip Hop scene in the five years preceding the two earthquakes which decimated the city in the spring and summer of 2010 - 2011, Virus and his crew Tuchul Linguists (now Thirteenth Legion) performed often at local bars alongside various local luminaries, notably the Grymeworks crew.

Age of Anxiety is a culmination of these years, harking back also to Virus's early 20s - a formative period that shaped much of the decade that followed. The album was recorded and mixed by Virus at his home studio in St Albans and features fellow Tuchul Linguists crew members Repsac and Mr Diggler as well as Jay Roacher and Sammy Gallows from Grymeworks, and DJ Coach One and Topas of the German syndicate Knockoutking Produktion who, with Virus, are also members of the international crew Ovaseas Movement. Contributing producers include Christchurch artists Juddabarz, Nettsmoney, Vega, John Doe, Repsac and Sammy Gallows.

Age of Anxiety is a journey through a dark time in a young man's life - fraught with violence, cynicism and self destruction. Punctuated with humour and the occasional "rap for rap's sake" track, it is nevertheless an introspective album and remains thus throughout, concluding with a glimmer of hope in the optimistic lyrics of the title track.

Virus now lives in Auckland, New Zealand where he continues to work on various music projects.

01. Annihilated Men - Cuts by DJ Coach One
02. Kiss My Arse
03. Hitman (ft. Topas) - Cuts by DJ Coach One
04. Lost Generation
05. Southern Drinking Anthem (ft. Sammy Gallows)
06. Call the Doctor
07. Don't Like Myself
08. Memories
09. 13th Legion (ft. Repsac & Mr. Diggler)
10. Clonazepam
11. Trapped
12. Sid & Nancy - Cuts by DJ Coach One
13. Suicide
14. Merry Go Round (ft. Jay Roacher)
15. Problems
16. Age of Anxiety

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