Apoka Undaground - Galactik Legion

01. Pleroma (ft. Spektrim & Savage Trinity)
02. Blue Beam (ft. Dr. Creep)
03. Underground Survivalists (ft. Erks Orion, Sacred Age & Kalki)
04. Undaground Circus (ft. Katha, Koobilai & Rhama)
05. Unclassified (ft. 72theSign & Yedid'Yah Ben Sion)
06. Echelon (ft. Iguan)
07. Dogz of War (ft. Secret Swords & AD1)
08. Divine Light (ft. Dr. Creep & Chucc Born Star)
09. Larmes D'Encre (ft. HDG)
10. War Machines (ft. Joey Menza, Fubar, Filthy Tarantino & Parradox)
11. Des Doutes (ft. Miss Terre)
12. Drowning (ft. Morbski, Skully B, Blacc Suhn, Naja Gemini & Yedid'Yah Ben Sion)
13. Rebel Angels (ft. Lost Order of the Ancients)
14. Inoculente Folle (ft. Zobi & Al Blunty)
15. Lost Children of Reality (ft. Sacred Age, Iguan & Disconscious)
16. Teinte De Nostalgie (ft. HDG)
17. Nomadic Tribesmen (ft. Fubar, Verb & Katha)
18. Sword That (ft. Yedid'Yah Ben Sion)
19. Ill Lumination (ft. Dr. Creep)
20. Serpent a Sornettes (ft. HDG, Sacred Age, Katha, Perfect K & Iguan)
21. Give Up (ft. Casey Averis)
22. Time Waster (ft. Kogeemo, 72thSign & Ritchie)
23. Constant Struggle (ft. Sacred Age & The Shrine Keeper)
24. Antre II (ft. Perfect K)
25. 1989 Anul Unel Vechi Amintiri (ft. Lazio)
26. Gust of Wind (ft. Skull Damage)
27. Hell From High Waters (ft. Sacred Age)

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