Fubar - Darkness Returns

Guest appearances by Pro Pyatno, Grom, Baby Jayne, The Jotaka, Perfect K, Verb, Sacred Age, Dr. Creep, Infeck, Neordhaz, Lacro, Apostolus, Topas, St.SL, Dark Energy, Shinobi Kush, Mr. Coronas, Gnz, Kryptik, Louie Sad, Treviso, $ick, C.Rae, Da Shafta, Adlib, One Up & Schematic.

Beats from the likes of DJ Coach 1, Space N Veda, Old Child, MHandBack, DJ Joon, Shu Melody, Morning Star, Hatzer, Righteouz Knight, Anno Domini, Cleno Jovanni, Pesticyde Cane Corso, Gzn, Kryptik, Author Beats & 2Deep.

Album also includes 3 bonus tracks and is now available for free download !!

Bird of Prey [Beat by Space N Veda]

Melancholy Death [Beat by Shu Melody]

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