Shout Outs

If you listened to the album and like anything from any of the other artists involved, please let them know. My albums are as much a product of THEIR hard work as it is mine and they deserve recognition for it (their hard work). Most of us make music as a hobby and release our material for free. All that we ask for in return is that you take the time to listen and the feedback we get from it. There are also those that go above and beyond and take the time to re-post and spread the word about my (our) projects / releases, which takes even more time and effort on their behalf. I I'm aware of and appreciate every one of you.

I appreciate everyone involved in the creation of this release as well as any of my other releases, as well as everyone that takes the time to at least give it a quick listen and give it a chance. I KNOW how hard it is to even listen to some records given the fact that there are sooooo many artists out there at the moment putting out material simultaneously. I wish I could listen to everything that comes out but I understand that is humanly impossible.

Fubar (Sharp Tongue)

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