Fubar & Treviso - Dark Imagery EP

Contains both previously released and unreleased tracks. Also features music from Vice the Savage. Guest appearances from Chrismoke, DC the Truth, Katha, All'in, Baby Jayne and The Jotaka. Beats from Vice the Savage, ClauztruoBeatz, All Hands on Deck, DJ Coach 1, Slicknificent, Author Beats, Deadman Walking and Tantu Beats. Cutz from DJ Coach 1.

Cipher of Death:

The Party's Over:

01. The Savage Monster (Treviso, Vice the Savage)
02. Run for Your Life (Fubar, Treviso, Vice the Savage)
03. Give'a Fuck (Treviso)
04. Nature of the Beast (Fubar, Treviso, DC the Truth, Chrismoke)
05. Stress Levels (Fubar) (Fallen Gloom Mixtape Verse)
06. Castle of Corpses (Katha, Fubar, Treviso, All'in)
07. I Will Not Fall (Vice the Savage)
08. Cipher of Death (Fubar, Treviso, Chrismoke)
09. Apocalypse (Fubar, Treviso, Baby Jayne, The Jotaka)
10. The Party's Over (Fubar, Treviso)

02 - beat by Deadman Walking
03 - beat by Treviso
04 - beat by ClauztruoBeatz
05 - beat by All Hands On Deck
06 - beat by DJ Coach 1
01, 07 - beat by Vice the Savage
08 - beat by Slicknificient
09 - beat by Author Beats
10 - beat by Tantu Beats

4, 6, 10 - cutz by DJ Coach 1


Demonios Sekt
Shark Brothers Label
OvaSeas Movement

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