The Jotaka & Phoenicz - The Campaign of the Devil

Tintas Rimas Altas:

Hell's Field:


Executions (OFFICIAL VIDEO!!):

01. Intro (ft. All'In)
02. Executions (ft. Pete Bull, All'In & Caniz Jauria)
03. Te Dispara (ft. Cheyenne)
04. El Rebombar (ft. Verb)
05. Mal Pasado (ft. Gnz & Seraph Guard)
06. Bitches (ft. Mrchy)
07. Campaign of the Devil (ft. Verb)
08. Mi Pensamiento Oculto (ft. Lacro & Fubar)
09. Tintas Rimas Altas (ft. Iguan)
10. Jazz Life Hussle (ft. Johnny Bonano & Onse)
11. Phoenix Ashes (ft. Fubar)
12. Hell's Field
13. Alucina (ft. Bimes Ill)
14. Sepultura (ft. Loko)
15. Destella (ft. Yut Pira Pura ,Perfect K & Epycentro)
16. Outro

** All beats by Phoenicz except 06 by Foggy Fogosh
** All cutz by DJ Coach 1

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