Klive Kraven - The Last Days of Mountain Man (Album Sampler)

The official album sampler from Klive Kraven's upcoming release "The Last Days of Mountain Man". The album features several underground heavyweights such as: Kinetic, C-Rayz Walz, King Magnetic, Sean Strange, Klee Magor and many more!! To listen to more from Klive Kraven, make sure you visit the links below.


Track Listing:

01. Tale of the Bastard (Intro) [Beat by Klive Kraven]
02. The Last Days of Mountain Man [Beat by Klive Kraven]
03. Rawhide Roughnecks (ft. Absoulut Karnage & Past One) [Beat by Vherbal]
04. Living on a Mountain (Skit) [Beat by Klive Kraven]
05. Foul Owl [Beat by Klive Kraven]
06. What I've Been Through (ft. Anonamix) [Beat by Nutkase]
07. Loved & Hated [Beat by Pikk] - Cutz by TMB
08. Desperados (ft. Wyze Mindz) [Beat by Klive Kraven]
09. Wilderness Wanderer (Skit) [Beat by Klive Kraven]
10. Every Man is a Liar [Beat by Klive Kraven]
11. My Own Bordellos (Pt. 2) (ft. Pryme Prolifik & True Grit) [Beat by Klive Kraven]
12. Gold Train (ft. Donnie Menace, La Dog & Formaldahyde) [Beat by Sean Strange] - Cutz by TMB
13. Diary of a Dead Man [Beat by Klive Kraven]
14. Gambler's Vendetta (ft. King Magnetic) [Beat by FiswaT]
15. The Final Frontier of 1868 [Beat by Klive Kraven]
16. Mysteries on a Mountain [Beat by Klive Kraven]
17. Showdown at Sundown (ft. Nutkaze) [Beat by Vherbal]
18. From the Crow's Mouth (Skit) [Beat by Klive Kraven]
19. Dreamstate (ft. Edd Bundy, Supreme & Alzymerz) [Beat by Undefined]
20. Nothing Will Be the Same [Beat by Klive Kraven]
21. Saloon Slumdogs (ft. Kinetic, C-Rayz Walz & Klee Magor)[Beat by Klive Kraven]
22. The Mountain Man Exits (Outro) [Beat by Klive Kraven] - Cutz by TMB


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