Old Child Clan Presents .. Connecticum Vol. 2

Connecticum (Old Child, Ded Gorazo, Fubar, Pro Pyatno) [Beat by Old Child] - Cuts by DJ Coach 1

01. Dream Team (ft. Fubar & Louie Sad)
02. Squeezing in the Palms (ft. Magnonimo)
03. Shao Khan (ft. Fubar)
04. Symphony (ft. Kalki)
05. Paranoid (ft. Katharsis)
06. Prime Time (ft. Kalki & Louie Sad)
07. Burned Down Summer (ft. Fubar)
08. Children of Space (ft. Leya, Louie Sad, Fubar & Erks Orion)
09. Connecticum (ft. Fubar)
10. Calm Dreams (ft. Iguan)
11. Night
12. Idol (ft. Riishii G7, Louie Sad & Fubar)
13. Summary (ft. Magnonimo)
14. Altair (ft. Kalki & Erks Orion)
15. Outro

05 - Beat by TreBeats
07 - Beat by Pesticyde
08 - Beat by pOMerы4
01, 09 - Cutz by DJ Coach 1

Old Child Clan Members:

Old Child (aka Grom):

Pro Pyatno (aka Man):
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Shu Melody (aka St. Sl):

Ded Gorazo:
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*** All beats made by Old Child Clan members unless specified.

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