The Jotaka & Phoenicz - The Campaign of the Devil

Tintas Rimas Altas:

Hell's Field:


Executions (OFFICIAL VIDEO!!):

01. Intro (ft. All'In)
02. Executions (ft. Pete Bull, All'In & Caniz Jauria)
03. Te Dispara (ft. Cheyenne)
04. El Rebombar (ft. Verb)
05. Mal Pasado (ft. Gnz & Seraph Guard)
06. Bitches (ft. Mrchy)
07. Campaign of the Devil (ft. Verb)
08. Mi Pensamiento Oculto (ft. Lacro & Fubar)
09. Tintas Rimas Altas (ft. Iguan)
10. Jazz Life Hussle (ft. Johnny Bonano & Onse)
11. Phoenix Ashes (ft. Fubar)
12. Hell's Field
13. Alucina (ft. Bimes Ill)
14. Sepultura (ft. Loko)
15. Destella (ft. Yut Pira Pura ,Perfect K & Epycentro)
16. Outro

** All beats by Phoenicz except 06 by Foggy Fogosh
** All cutz by DJ Coach 1

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Existence - Werdz of Action

Ribon - Survival Series


Fubar & Treviso - Dark Imagery EP

Contains both previously released and unreleased tracks. Also features music from Vice the Savage. Guest appearances from Chrismoke, DC the Truth, Katha, All'in, Baby Jayne and The Jotaka. Beats from Vice the Savage, ClauztruoBeatz, All Hands on Deck, DJ Coach 1, Slicknificent, Author Beats, Deadman Walking and Tantu Beats. Cutz from DJ Coach 1.

Cipher of Death:

The Party's Over:

01. The Savage Monster (Treviso, Vice the Savage)
02. Run for Your Life (Fubar, Treviso, Vice the Savage)
03. Give'a Fuck (Treviso)
04. Nature of the Beast (Fubar, Treviso, DC the Truth, Chrismoke)
05. Stress Levels (Fubar) (Fallen Gloom Mixtape Verse)
06. Castle of Corpses (Katha, Fubar, Treviso, All'in)
07. I Will Not Fall (Vice the Savage)
08. Cipher of Death (Fubar, Treviso, Chrismoke)
09. Apocalypse (Fubar, Treviso, Baby Jayne, The Jotaka)
10. The Party's Over (Fubar, Treviso)

02 - beat by Deadman Walking
03 - beat by Treviso
04 - beat by ClauztruoBeatz
05 - beat by All Hands On Deck
06 - beat by DJ Coach 1
01, 07 - beat by Vice the Savage
08 - beat by Slicknificient
09 - beat by Author Beats
10 - beat by Tantu Beats

4, 6, 10 - cutz by DJ Coach 1


Demonios Sekt
Shark Brothers Label
OvaSeas Movement


Fubar & DJ Rhum'1 - Bats in the Belfry (ft. Katha) (VIDEO)

2nd single from upcoming collaboration album between Fubar & DJ Rhum'1 titled "Shark Infested Waters" scheduled for release in September of 2012. Track features Katha representing Shark Brothers Label and Demonios Sekt.

Video edited by Junior Makhno

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Trailer - CLICK HERE !!

1st Single (Darkest Corridor) - CLICK HERE !!


Si peu d'temps à vivre/ tellement d'choses à fuire/ comment taire/ tout c'qu'il y a à dire/ qu'on m'enterre/ au milieu d'un livre/ qu'on m'enferme/ ou qu'on me délivre/ il n'y a rien d'utile/ dans cette sauvagerie/ je n'vois que des singes/ perdus dans la nuit/ se prenant pour sages/ malgré l'infamie et puis la famine qui ravage des gosses/ le malheur pour eux/ est souvent précoce/ on s'en bat les couilles/ tant qu'il y a des boss/ pour nourrir nos panses/ sombre danse macabre/ quand on y pense/ coeurs froids comme du marbre/ je me marre/ quand j'entends "regarde y'a l'amour y'a l'art !"/ mais bandes de connards/ toujours pour les mêmes/ toujours à la traîne/ j'ai la flemme d'y croire/ donc je broie du noir/ pendant mes nuits blanches/ et je crache de l'encre/ sur des feuilles immenses/ mais qu'est-ce ça change?/ tout c'qui me dérange/ tout c'qui nous démange/ mi-démons mi-anges/ j'vois des gens étranges/ j'vois des gens qui s'planquent/ derrière des façades/ chacun d'mes jet d'encre est inéfaçable/ chaque individu est iremplacable/ tu regardes la plage/ je vois le grainde sable/ j'ai beau croire en l'homme/ je le vois instable/ ç'est pourquoi j'écris des vers implacables


i listen to my songs and find them amusing
possessed, but i don't really mind the intrusion
i'ma continue to fight for the music
fuck anybody who is blind to the movement
reached for the stars, i stood on my tip toes
died a while back, i should be in limbo
stuck in place even though i know i'm the chosen
how am i supposed to grow when i'm broken?
many people die as a hostage
if the plane's going down you're never gonna survive in the cockpit
listen up, let me describe all the hardship
battles aside, i'd rather write on a topic
infinite wisdom and a mind full of knowledge
everyone has something to hide in their closet
stars will eventually collide with this object
might as well gouge your eyes from their sockets
back in the day, i was trained to breed hate
started over, now i gotta face a clean slate
need a quiet place to create
violent 16's you fear that'll make your knees shake
run .. you wouldn't want to feast with Lecter
i'm not Jesus Christ trying to speak to lepers
blindly following what they wrote in the bible
you might as well live life with both of your eyes closed
keep hope even though the stress is killing me
knowing that chaos is met with symmetry
standing on a cliff, the edge is slippery
i can't die, was already dead initially
protect myself by all means, find a sharp knife
and use it if they try and start fights
hoping to survive the hard times
now why in the hell you think i write these dark lines? ..

Anonamix - Sea of Green (Anonymous Mix Vol. 2)

Goldminded Records

Icabod Chang - Secret Scrolls



Klive Kraven - The Last Days of Mountain Man (Album Sampler)

The official album sampler from Klive Kraven's upcoming release "The Last Days of Mountain Man". The album features several underground heavyweights such as: Kinetic, C-Rayz Walz, King Magnetic, Sean Strange, Klee Magor and many more!! To listen to more from Klive Kraven, make sure you visit the links below.


Track Listing:

01. Tale of the Bastard (Intro) [Beat by Klive Kraven]
02. The Last Days of Mountain Man [Beat by Klive Kraven]
03. Rawhide Roughnecks (ft. Absoulut Karnage & Past One) [Beat by Vherbal]
04. Living on a Mountain (Skit) [Beat by Klive Kraven]
05. Foul Owl [Beat by Klive Kraven]
06. What I've Been Through (ft. Anonamix) [Beat by Nutkase]
07. Loved & Hated [Beat by Pikk] - Cutz by TMB
08. Desperados (ft. Wyze Mindz) [Beat by Klive Kraven]
09. Wilderness Wanderer (Skit) [Beat by Klive Kraven]
10. Every Man is a Liar [Beat by Klive Kraven]
11. My Own Bordellos (Pt. 2) (ft. Pryme Prolifik & True Grit) [Beat by Klive Kraven]
12. Gold Train (ft. Donnie Menace, La Dog & Formaldahyde) [Beat by Sean Strange] - Cutz by TMB
13. Diary of a Dead Man [Beat by Klive Kraven]
14. Gambler's Vendetta (ft. King Magnetic) [Beat by FiswaT]
15. The Final Frontier of 1868 [Beat by Klive Kraven]
16. Mysteries on a Mountain [Beat by Klive Kraven]
17. Showdown at Sundown (ft. Nutkaze) [Beat by Vherbal]
18. From the Crow's Mouth (Skit) [Beat by Klive Kraven]
19. Dreamstate (ft. Edd Bundy, Supreme & Alzymerz) [Beat by Undefined]
20. Nothing Will Be the Same [Beat by Klive Kraven]
21. Saloon Slumdogs (ft. Kinetic, C-Rayz Walz & Klee Magor)[Beat by Klive Kraven]
22. The Mountain Man Exits (Outro) [Beat by Klive Kraven] - Cutz by TMB


Klive Kraven (Website 1)
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Goldminded Records (Website)
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Visit www.FiswaT.com for collaborations,networking, promotion, business inquiries
and opportunities or e-mail at FiswaT@hotmail.com



Graveyard Shifter - Gotham Dark

Area 57 [Beat by King H]

01. The Grand Entrance [Beat by King H]
02. Worse Than [Beat by Falling Down]
03. Concrete Jungle Jesus [Beat by King H]
04. 23rd Century Rap Style [Beat by Norman Krates]
05. Off 'Em [Beat by King H]
06. The Sun Man [Beat by King H]
07. Digital Contra [Beat by King H]
08. 40th Night [Beat by King H]
09. Live Action [Beat by Royal Chaos]
10. Unique Masterz (ft. JMega) [Beat by Lucid Beatz]
11. Area 57 [Beat by King H]
12. 2058 [Beat by Barcode]
13. Jusas [Beat by Genesis]
14. Nuclear Visual [Beat by Lord Beatjitzu]
15. The Mentalist [Beat by Last Bronzeman]
16. Unclone 'Em [Beat by Falling Down]
17. Weapon Z [Beat by King H]
18. Apocalypse Recon [Beat by King H]
19. Impeccable Prototype [Beat by King H]
20. Final Battle [Beat by Ill Majestic]
21. Jewel Raider [Beat by King H]


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Old Child Clan Presents .. Connecticum Vol. 2

Connecticum (Old Child, Ded Gorazo, Fubar, Pro Pyatno) [Beat by Old Child] - Cuts by DJ Coach 1

01. Dream Team (ft. Fubar & Louie Sad)
02. Squeezing in the Palms (ft. Magnonimo)
03. Shao Khan (ft. Fubar)
04. Symphony (ft. Kalki)
05. Paranoid (ft. Katharsis)
06. Prime Time (ft. Kalki & Louie Sad)
07. Burned Down Summer (ft. Fubar)
08. Children of Space (ft. Leya, Louie Sad, Fubar & Erks Orion)
09. Connecticum (ft. Fubar)
10. Calm Dreams (ft. Iguan)
11. Night
12. Idol (ft. Riishii G7, Louie Sad & Fubar)
13. Summary (ft. Magnonimo)
14. Altair (ft. Kalki & Erks Orion)
15. Outro

05 - Beat by TreBeats
07 - Beat by Pesticyde
08 - Beat by pOMerы4
01, 09 - Cutz by DJ Coach 1

Old Child Clan Members:

Old Child (aka Grom):

Pro Pyatno (aka Man):
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Shu Melody (aka St. Sl):

Ded Gorazo:
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*** All beats made by Old Child Clan members unless specified.


The 6th Element - Who the Fuck is The 6th Element? Vol. 1



Dr. Creep - Epic of the Gold Vimana

Dr. Creep's Facebook
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Tengri - Tengri EP

Metal project completed in 15 days by 2 members of Demonios Sekt: Ufuk (vocals, mix, arrangements) & Kachin (instruments, mastering, arrangements).

01. Arapsaçı (Cover)
02. Anlamsız
03. Kalgançı Çak

Sav Killz - Bangers & B-Sides (Hosted by DJ J-Ronin)

1. Droppin' [Beat by Savillion Beats]
2. More Rice [Beat by Madlib]
3. Look What I Become (ft. Verse) [Beat by Jazimoto]
4. I Love You (A Tribute to Hip Hop) (ft. Letia Larok) [Beat by DJ Snips]
5. Take A Moment
6. Cappadonna - The Good Die Young (ft. Sav Killz) [Beat by DJ Snips]
7. Retrospect [Beat by Cosmo Shines]
8. Gold Chain Military - Chocolate Honeys [Beat by Thayod Ausar]
9. DJ J-Ronin (ft. Cortez, Ruste Juxx, Sav Killz & Illa Ghee) - BK Takin It [Beat by DJ Snips]
10. Incarcerated Scarfaces Freestyle (ft. Planet Asia)
11. Winter [Beat by Savillion Beats]
12. Jamel Rockwell (ft. Lil' Fame) [Beat by Beat Butcha]
13. Big Lou (ft. Math Hoffa & Sav Killz) - Cypher Bullies [Beat by Beat Butcha]
14. Gold Chain Military - Organic Food [Beat by Large Professor]
15. Whatchu Doin (ft. LoDeck & Jus-Daze) [Beat by Vokab]
16. Iron Braydz (ft. Guilty Simpson & Sav Killz) - Savin' Artillary (Remix)
17. Rich Righteous Teachers (ft. Jadakiss, LA The Darkman, Sav Killz & Billy Danze of M.O.P.) [Beat by JP Beatz]
18. The Awaited [Beat by Budgie]
19. Rap Assassins (ft. Ruste Juxx, Ill Bill & Cyrus Malachi) [Beat by Endemic]
20. Stay Up (ft. Letia Larok) [Beat by Endemic]
21. Work (ft. Frank Knight & GodsPlan) [Beat by Savillion Beats]
22. Gold Chain Military - GCM Meets ALC [Beat by Alchemist]
23. Turbin (ft. Sav Killz) - Crime Life
24. Beats None the Least [Beat by Mr. Green]


Childish - Childproof Bullets (2012)

Beatljuice Connections - The Remix Album




Menace O.B.E.Z. & DJ Coach 1 - Escaping Interpol

This is an OvaSeas Movement / Team O.B.E.Z. / OneBody Enterprise / Brooklyn Zu collaboration. Guest appearances from Topas, Pure Doze, RL, Miss Phaze, Johnny Bonano, Yut Pira Pura, King David, Verb, The Jotaka, Solit, Fubar, Familia Pira Pura, Si-Klon, All'In, Bimes Ill, Zfon of Possession, Cheyenne & Whichcraft.

All beats and cuts handled by DJ Coach 1.

Music Load


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