Cig Burna vs ABCDE (Battle)

What are your thoughts on the written / acapella battle scene? Have you (or would you) partake?

Answer: Well.. I am from an era of freestyle battles, strictly off the top of the dome - no written battles. But I appreciate the new age evolving to more intelligent talented writing methods. That's what I love the most about the battle scene now. It is guaranteed to be exciting filled with punchlines, schemes, multis, delivery depending on the type of MC you are watching, unless they forget their bars which shouldn't happen since you have a month or so to write and memorize. I honestly think it is great and it shows how technology never ends. I definitely see it going farther than just YouTube though. In due time, I can definitely see it being a global weekly deal on television either as a T.V. show or a potential series. I have partook in the new age battle scene quite a bit. I have over 500,000 views in rap battles on YouTube. I have battled on Grindtime, AHAT Vegas, AHAT Utah, and TBL (Texas Battle League). I am by far a music artist first before a battle rapper but I strategically use it a stool to bigger and brighter heights such as opportunities and keys to open more doors for future endeavors.


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