DJ TMB - The Machine (2013)

01. Fist Fuckin' The Industry (ft. Bulzi & Methadist) [Beat by Swann]
02. Blue Fathers (ft. Powder, Mark Deez & Edd Bundy) [Beat by MoTioN]
03. Freestyle with Hedds (ft. Lateb, Slant, Rhetoric) [Beat by Trilian]
04. Make it Hot (ft. Robbie G) [Beat by Swann]
05. Styles Unlimited (ft. Nohokai, La Dog & I Amae)
06. Special Children (ft. Lex Starwind, Aztech & Jon Murdock) [Beat by Trilian]
07. Famine (ft. Swann & Anubis) [Beat by Swann]
08. Showdown (ft. Grindhouse Gang)
09. On the Surface (ft. Sick Since, Omen Ra, DC the Truth & Dox Boogie) [Beat by Trilian]
10. BodyBag Rap (ft. Anonamix & Donnie Menace) [Beat by Keko]
11. Backlash of the Titans (ft. Edd Bundy, TMB, Terror Mob, Preest & Klirx) [Beat by Edd Bundy]
12. Fuck You (ft. Swann) [Beat by Sicknature]
13. Dead Silence (ft. RipShop) [Beat by Trilian]
14. Darkest Shadow (ft. Edd Bundy) [Beat by MoTioN]
15. International Notes (ft. Ghost Town Syndicate) [Beat by Trilian]

** all tracks feature cuts from TMB

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