Fubar - Wild for the Night (Free-verse) (2013)

Free-verse from Fubar. Download the mp3 for free as well as the acapella .. now EVERYONE can feature Fubar on a track!


.. born with the gift of gab
hit you with punches and I ain't even lift to jab
taking you back, I'm the "Ghost of Christmas Past"
ready to change your ways after I whip that ass
I do whatever it takes, I possess the rare skill
to drink pee in order to survive like Bear Grylls
acting like you're tough don't count
I'll run in your house with muddy shoes yelling "fuck yo' couch!"
fuck tittie size, slut give me mine
horse from the waist down like I'm Buck 65
I am here to inject
put a wooden spear in your chest or the rear of your head
larger than life, I'm Galactus in the flesh
there is no escape from the madness I inject
insane amount of bars that I crafted are the best
you'll be lucky to even get a casket when you're dead

** beat is 88.9 BPM

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