Abstrakt Distortion - Awakening the Dead EP

Abstrakt Distortion (Quest the Unborn Child & Voider-One) are no newcomers to the hip-hop game. They have been secretly raising the dead in the studio for the past 6+ years releasing exclusive tracks here and there to keep the music hungry zombies demanding more. Abstrakt Distortion Presents.. Awakening the Dead EP.

With grimey production mixed with zombie movie flick samples and bite your face off lyrics, Abstrakt Distortion brings you the perfect 'candy' to give the kids on Halloween. The Zombies have arrived.

01. The Awakening (ft. Shortrock & Mephisto)
02. Soul Harvest (ft. Shortrock & Mephisto)
03. Morningstar Strain (ft. Kiltoy)
04. Left For Dead
05. Emphatical Suicides
06. Absolute Desolation
07. Blood in the Water (ft. Kiltoy & Shortrock)


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