Must Have Lyrics Contest

Click Here for BEAT !!

Deadline: 11-22-2012

You DO NOT have to film a video, it can just be a song with a picture or something in the background !!

Contest Rules:

1. You must be SUBSCRIBED to his YouTube page - HERE

2. You must click LIKE on his Facebook Fan Page - HERE

3. Make your song a VIDEO RESPONSE to the video above, he will APPROVE all video responses when he gets the chance (video title does not matter) but he'd prefer you title it "Must Have Lyrics Contest - Your Name"

4. You can only submit 1 entry (if you post an entry and end up re-recording it, delete your 1st entry, and re-enter it).

5. Your entry must be at least 16 bars, but can be a full song.

He will be judging the contest. The PRIZE is an exclusive beat by himself, Nate Kiz. He will send you snippets, and you can pick out your winning beat.

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