Chino XL - RICANstruction: The Black Rosary

Disc 1: Scalpel

01. Rain (Interlude)
02. Father's Day [Beat by Apollo Brown]
03. 8 Beginnings (Interlude) (ft. Mystic) [Beat by Apollo Brown]
04. Have 2 [Beat by E-Swift]
05. It's Not Too L8te [Beat by Stu Bangas]
06. Wicked Church [Beat by Toba Beats]
07. Silent Art Child [Beat by Southpaw]
08. Broken Halo [Beat by Sid Roams]
09. Anything [Beat by Wyldfyre]
10. Hell Song (ft. Tech N9ne) [Beat by Wyldfyre]
11. Bad Man Bible [Beat by Wyldfyre]
12. Mama Told Me [Beat by DJ Khalil & J Thrill]
13. Afraid Of Nothing [Beat by Kwame]
14. Can Be [Beat by Apollo Brown]
15. Arm Yourself (ft. Sick Jacken, Immortal Technique, DV Alias Khrist) [Beat by Wyldfyre]
16. No Damn Good For Me (Scarlet Intro) [Beat by Lounge Lizzards]
17. Sleep In Scarlet [Beat by Focus]
18. Nahh [Beat by Focus]
19. Eye [Beat by House Shoes]
20. Reguarding Elizabeth (ft. Travis Barker) [Beat by Soul Professor]

Disc 2: Chapel

01. Black Rosary 8:00AM [Beat by Apollo Brown]
02. Closer To God [Beat by Oh No]
03. Little Man [Beat by Focus]
04. Figure It Out [Beat by Focus]
05. Xross Your Heart (ft. Bun B) [Beat by Focus]
06. Buried In Vocabulary (ft. The Horse Shoe Gang) [Beat by Level 13]
07. Missing You 8:00PM (Interlude) [Beat by Apollo Brown]
08. Crazy Love [Beat by Exile]
09. Take It Back (ft. Rakaa Iriscience, Roc Marciano) [Beat by Apollo Brown]
10. N.I.C.E. [Beat by Nick Wiz]
11. Kings (ft. Big Pun) [Beat by Focus]
12. 90 Bars of Intervention [Beat by Focus]
13. The Hype Man (Interlude) [Beat by Soul Professor]
14. Latino's Stand Up (Remix) (ft. Sick Jacken, B-Real, Thirstin Howl III, Sinful, Kid Frost) [Beat by Focus]
15. Gone [Beat by Izzy the Kid]

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