Shadow People (Open Verse Competition)

Shadow People is holding an open verse competition. The beat is called "No Mercy" and was produced by SP's own: Tunna Beatz. MC's on this track include Danegurous, Pryme Prolifik, Darren G, Marcanum X, Subkonshis and the winner of this contest. Required: 16 bars of your best lyrically ability!

Contest is open to anyone until 9-30-2012. After the 30th, Shadow People will review all the submissions and will then vote as a group.

This is a chance for you to shine !!

Beat: "No Mercy"

Submit verses to: shadowpeeps@yahoo.com

Make sure that when you submit your entry to include a reference track along with all of your acapellas (unmixed) or they won't be able to use your verse !!


Shadow People (Facebook)

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